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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Top Tips and Tricks – Important Improvements

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge device, then we’re pretty sure that you will find this article useful. Today we’re going to tell you about some top tips that you can use to improve your experience with your Galaxy S6 Edge device.

Picking five of the most important people to light up the Edge display

The Edge display will light up for your most important people. You can set up to five important people by going to Settings->Edge Screen->People Edge. It is good to know that you can slide out the People Edge user interface by swiping the transparent tab to the middle of the display and use the “+” icon to add any contact you want.

Once you add them, you can also set a color for each one of the five contacts, so you can know who is calling or messaging you by just looking at the color on the Edge’s display. You can set the following colors: Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Blue.

Set your device to light up the Edge screen when you receive calls or messages

One of the best features the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with is the Edge display. You can select to illuminate a certain color based on who is calling or messaging you. To set it up, head to Settings->Edge Screen->Edge Lightning and choose “On”.

Getting news, twitter updates and weather on Edge’s display

You can also make the Edge Display show football scores, twitter updates and weather information. To do this, go to Settings->Edge Settings->Information Stream and in there you can sync your twitter account, sport scores, weather information and more.

Setting the side for all your Edge display features to show on

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The edge screen can be enabled on the right or left side. It can’t be enabled on both sides at the same time, so you will need to choose which side is better for you. To change the side where the Edge display will show information, go to Settings->Edge Screen->Edge Screen Position and select Left Side or Right Side.

Make the Edge screen to automatically turn off after a period of time

The Edge’s display can’t be “alive” 24/7, as it will eat a lot of battery. As you will not want to turn off all the options from the Edge’s Display, you can set it to turn itself off after a period of time. To do this, go to Settings->Edge Screen->Edge Screen Timeout and adjust it between 15 seconds and 15 minutes.

Showing the clock on the Edge during the night

One great feature that you will most likely love on this device is that you can set a clock that will be displayed on the Edge’s screen all night long. It will not eat a lot of battery, so don’t worry about that. To enable this feature, go to Settings->Edge screen->Night click and set it on. From there, you can also specify during what hours the clock should be enabled (up to 12 hours).

Sending a quick reply

There are a lot of times when someone calls you and you are in the middle of the meeting and can’t answer. Well you can set a quick reply message and send it without even looking at the screen of your Galaxy S6 Edge. To setup a quick reply message go to Settings->Edge Screen->Edge Lightning->Quick Reply and write the quick auto message. A good message can be “I’m currently in a meeting, I’ll call you after!” or “I’m busy at the moment, I’ll contact you later!”.

After turning this feature on, whenever someone calls you, simply hold the finger on the heart rate sensor for a couple of seconds and your quick reply message will be sent.

Tracking your S6 Edge device

It is better to take some precautious measures in order to locate your Galaxy S6 Edge if you ever lose it. Samsung comes with a special “Find My Mobile” service that can be found on Settings->Lock Screen and Security->Find My Mobile. You will need to log into your Samsung account and turn Google Locations service, Remote Controls and Reactivation lock to “ON”.

So, in case you lose your Galaxy S6 Edge device, you will need to log into your Samsung account on the Find My Mobile website ( and you can make the device to remotely wipe data, lock it, make it ring and even turn on the Emergency mode.

Printing wirelessly

Using the Galaxy S6 Edge you can connect and print with any Wi-Fi printer from the wireless network you are connected to. Go to Settings and you will notice the Printing feature right under the “Connect and Share” option. You will most likely have to add the printer first but it is good to know that some of them come pre-installed. To add the printer, just install the software from the Google Play Store. For example, in case you have a HP printer, you should install “HP All-in-One Printer Remote” application.

Adding storage to your Galaxy S6 Edge

As you already know, the Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t come with a microSD card support. The device supports USB OTG, which means that if you buy an USB OTG cable, you can plug any USB drive into it. You can also pair it with a microSD card or an USB SD card reader.

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