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Samsung Galaxy S21 Receives the One UI 6.0 with Android 14 Update

It’s great to see each time top smartphone companies show some love for their older devices. Samsung Galaxy S21, a series launched at a time when we barely had the right to leave the house, will soon benefit from the One UI 6.0 with Android 14 update. That’s because Samsung is continuing the rollout of the update for its devices, and it doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

The new One UI 6.0 update for the Galaxy S21 series has already been released in Switzerland, which means that many other countries from the old continent will be next. The build version is G991BXXU9FWK2, G991BOXM9FWK2, and G991BXXU9FWK2.

The news is shared through a tweet, and it would be absurd to say that there is room for doubt.

The new update will take quite a toll on your phone’s storage memory, as you will probably even have to delete a few videos and games if you’re low on storage and you want to install One UI 6.0 with Android 14. That’s because the update demands over 2GB of free storage space.

The Android 14 (One UI 6.0) update is rolling out in stable form in Europe for the S21 series

SamMobile confirms that the new Android 14 (One UI 6.0) update is rolling out in stable form for those Europeans who have either one of the models from the Samsung Galaxy S21 series and that Switzerland is the first country to benefit from the update.

What the new update does is that it brings some design tweaks and a few improvements. If you are bored with the current interface regarding the notifications, or if you wish to see a fresh new media player widget, a redesigned Quick Panel, a new universal font, or more, it means you should definitely download and install the new One UI 6.0 update. At the same time, the emojis present in the predecessor update have also been overhauled, which means that as soon as you install the update, your Samsung phone will become significantly more expressive.

The new update in question for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will also bolster the security of these devices due to the fact that it has the November security patch incorporated.

To check if the update has already arrived for your phone, you can simply head over to Software Update from the Settings menu. If it’s not available, you will just have to wait a bit, as the update should be offered gradually for those who have a phone from the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. It’s best to download the forthcoming update through a WiFi connectivity, given the large size of over 2GB.

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