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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery Life Top Issues and Fixes – Improve Your Autonomy

The Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best Android phablets out there.  It comes with an S Pen Stylus, a new design and many new software upgrades.

Even though the device comes with a 3220 mAh battery, you may notice that it can run out of “juice” pretty fast.  That is why today we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks that will help you extend your Galaxy Note 4’s battery life.

Using the Battery Saving modes

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with two battery saving modes which will help improve the battery life.  The two power saving modes are called power saving mode and ultra power saving mode.

Power Saving mode will stop applications that run in the background and switch to mobile internet data.  At the same time you can turn on the grayscale mode which will remove the ultra colors and wallpaper that use a lot of battery.

Ultra Power Saving mode will automatically change the colors of the screen to grayscale and at the same time it will restrict app usage.  Only a few applications selected by you will actually be allowed to run and the connectivity features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will be disabled.


Turning off NFC, GPS and Bluetooth

On the Galaxy Note 4 it is quite easy to turn off these three features.  To do this, swipe down to reveal the quick settings menu and toggle off the NFC, GPS and Bluetooth features.

Using a dark wallpaper

Another reason why the battery may be running out of juice so fast is because of colored wallpapers.  In order to prevent shortening the battery life we suggest you to set a dark wallpaper on your device. This may sound a bit silly but you will notice an increase in the battery life by doing so.

Turning down the screen brightness

Another way to save the battery is by turning down the screen brightness.  In order to adjust the screen brightness you will need to swipe down so that the quick settings menu is revealed.  Now uncheck the “Auto” box and reduce the screen brightness as much as you want.

HINT: Keep in mind that when disabling the auto-brightness,  you will also disable Galaxy Note 4’s sunlight reading mode.

Shorten the screen timeout

Not many people are aware but the screen timeout plays a big role in the battery life of your device.  When you stop using your smartphone after a certain amount of time the screen will turn off. This may mean the screen will timeout while you are trying to read an article or email, but you can always tap on the screen every few seconds, this will prevent the screen from turning off.

Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 5.7inch screen which is quite big and eats a lot of battery.  To setup the screen timeout, go to Settings->Display->Screen Timeout.

OK Google is a nice feature, but it uses a lot of battery

The OK Google detection for Google search is always nice. However, if you leave it turned on, the Galaxy Note 4 will constantly be awake, waiting for you to ask something from it.

We suggest you to turn off OK Google and turn it on ONLY when you are really using it. Don’t waste the battery on a feature that you don’t always use!

To turn off this feature, head to the Settings and under Voice, you will notice the “OK Google” detection. Make sure that the box is not ticked for “Always On” (in case it is, untick it).

Widgets can be bad for battery life

Widgets usually eat a lot of the battery life up, because they show fresh information they update quite often. A weather widget will usually eat a large amount of battery as it will update very often and it will display a lot of animations such as the sun, clouds etc.

Look what applications are using most of the battery

You should constantly check what applications are using the most of your battery.  This way you will see if there are any application that you don’t use too often, but are still chewing up a lot of battery.  Keep in mind if you are using Facebook or WhatsApp everyday you will see them at the top of the list, but hey there things we can’t go without.

However there could be a lot of other applications that run in the background which you are unaware of.  If you find an application that uses a lot of battery and you aren’t using it we suggest you uninstall it or stop it from running in the background.  Go to Settings->Battery and you will see all the applications that use the most of your Galaxy Note 4’s battery.


Updating the device

Always try to keep the device up to date. Usually the developers release fixes for the current issues they find and most of them are also related to the battery life.

Turning off location service

The location service uses a lot of battery and mobile data.  To turn off Location Service head to your Galaxy Note 4’s Settings and select Location Services and uncheck “Google’s Location Service”.

Have you tried these tips to save the Galaxy Note 4’s battery life?

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