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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Will Be Under the Spotlight in 2023

While the current year is almost over, Samsung already has some exciting plans for 2023. The next year won’t bring only high-end smartphones but also gadgets that pretty much anyone can afford. Apart from the financial part, there are plenty of Samsung fans out there who don’t need what the latest models have to offer, regardless of how impressive they are. Those folks can be satisfied with less, and there’s nothing to blame.

It’s nice to see that the South Korean tech giant is once again investing in manufacturing affordable smartphones. It shall be the same with the upcoming Galaxy A14 5G model – an affordable device under the Samsung brand, which is automatically some guarantee that the user won’t be forced to repair it too often. NOTEBOOKCHECK has spotted the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G phone on Geekbench, and it reveals some interesting specs that the device is capable of.

Samsung Galaxy A14 will likely carry the Exynos 1330 chipset

If the new leak is true, it means that Samsung will implement the Exynos 1330 chipset for its Galaxy A14 5G. The device is also expected to come equipped with Android 13 out of the box, and there’s no surprise here. Google released the latest Android version in August, and it’s only a matter of time until more and more smartphones feature the new OS.

The interesting news regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A14 is not over yet. The phone will come in two 4G/LTE-only and 5G-capable variants. Eight cores clocked at a maximum of 2.4GHz represent the power of the upcoming phone’s processor, while it shall also be equipped with 4GB of RAM. Surely we can say that a smartphone of 2023 needs more RAM than that, but still, we’re talking about a budget device.

It’s also reasonable to expect to see Bluetooth 5.3 on the Galaxy A14, and that’s also great news. Bluetooth 5.3 allows peripheral devices to perform channel classification during packets of data being transferred across various frequencies.

Samsung will also release a new flagship lineup in 2023, and it’s safe to assume that it shall be called Samsung Galaxy S23. The current S22 flagship series for 2022 is clearly what Samsung has to offer best, but in the tech world in general and when it comes to smartphones in particular, the standards always go higher. We can expect even better cameras, more powerful processors, and more capable displays when it comes to the future S23 series.

Last but not least, the future Samsung Galaxy A14 is also expected to be a cheaper placeholder for the Galaxy S23. If it’s true, it means that A14 will follow a Xiaomi-like recipe by presenting itself as a powerful phone at an affordable price. Only time will tell for sure, but what’s certain is that it’s worth waiting to see the outcome.

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