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Safe & Sound Software Security!

It’s hardly anything new to write home about, but there are viruses and tech problems everywhere now. And for every new business, or business that are making their bi-annual upgrade, there are more and more things to think about. And whether you are running an educational organization and looking for cheap tools for students or trying to figure out what goes into making your network as secure as it can get, you need to make the most of the following:

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Securing Your Hardware

This is probably the most overlooked aspect of most protective measures of security. If you ran a business where the public have general access to machinery, it’s one thing to install antivirus programs, but are the machines protected in the physical sense? It’s a very common thing to have businesses broken into and have the machines physically stolen. Although hackers and spyware have become one of the most common forms of crime, the fact is that old-fashioned burglary still is a big concern for most people. How can you prevent this? Well, depending on your business setup, the first thing to think about is to feed cables through the computer’s Kensington lock port. And while this isn’t the hardest security measure to break through, the chances are that the extra bit of time it would take for a burglar to get through that might be the thing to tip the odds because they won’t want to waste much time after setting off alarms.

Installing Anti-Malware

While it doesn’t take much for people to crack a network if it’s not secured, it can take some effort to break through your anti-malware software. The majority of breaches are now caused by malware, and for a lot of people, the cost can be a big thing for this type of software, but you can get money off, or a Malwarebytes discount on a lot of sites. As well as having the right anti-malware and anti-virus software, educating people about cybercrime, especially in your organization or business is a common sense approach. Little things like keeping your hardware and programs up to date, installing browser updates right away, and running the software after every item of software installed will help to keep these issues at bay. But the biggest thing to be aware of is vigilance, and by teaching your employees about the forms of malware, such as email phishing or spoofing will be another layer of protection.

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Locking Your Network

Wi-Fi networks are the big way hackers can get hold of sensitive information, and this is done by wardriving, where gangs of hackers drive around looking for unsecure Wi-Fi networks. The best method of defense is to not have a wireless network at all. But if you really need one, disable the SSID broadcasting function on the router. Having a wired network might not be feasible for most, especially if you have colleagues working from home, but as a proper protection method, it’s one of the most sound. It’s best to be vigilant in the modern age, so try these methods.

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