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Resolve Error 1321: The Installer Has Insufficient Privileges To Modify The File

The error 1321 is the most common error that arises when installing or updating a program. Generally, it arises due to the administrator access problem i.e. if the installer has insufficient privileges to modify the file. Many software companies and forums are quite concern about this error. Though, I have never experienced it but I got a complain of this error from a visitor to my blog. So, I decided to do some research over it. I found that the error 1321 is quite popular in Software forums. So, I went to the core of it and collected some suitable data to fix this error 1321. The issue, cause, reasons and solutions to error 1321 is explained below:


Error 1321 issue – The Installer Has Insufficient Privileges To Modify File:

When you install or update a program, error 1321 or error 1309 appears in the installation log file. It appears followed by on the messages as following:

Error 1321: The installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file C:\Program files\…\….


Error 1309: Error attempting to open the source file C:\Program files\…\….

NOTE: The path C:\…\…\ may be different mentioned in your log depending upon the software or program you are installing.

Resolve Error 1321 The Installer Has Insufficient Privileges
_Error 1321_

Cause Of Error 1321 – Why the Error 1321 arises?

When you attempt to install or update a program file, it makes an effort to write numerous files to the system. So, the error 1309 or error 1321 occurs when the installer is unable to write a file due to permission issue. It may also occur due to system error but the main cause of this error 1321 is permission issue. The file or folder causing this error can be identified in the installation error log.

Reasons of Error 1321 – Why this is happening?

There are several possible reasons of error 1321. Some of them are listed below:

  • The Windows permissions to update or edit the installation file are set to restrict access.
  • Your defender program, antivirus or any other security software may be conflicting with the installation procedure.
  • The file update process may be faster than the file copy process.
  • The file referred in this error is in use or corrupted.

 Solutions – How to Resolve/Fix Error 1321:

There are four suggested solutions to error 1321. The first solution may solve your problem. But in case it doesn’t then follow the other three solutions. For best results, perform the solution in the order shown:

Solution 1: Edit the Windows Permissions on the folder

– If the program is not installed.

  • Go to the program folder of the software you are installing that has been specified with the error.

NOTE: Before going to the specified folder, remember to set the hidden folders as visible.

  • Right click on the file explorer window. Choose “Properties“.
  • Click on the “Security” Tab.
  • Under the security tab, Click “edit” option.
  • Select the System User.
  • Select the allow check box next to full control and all the other options.
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Now, install the desired software or program.


– If the program is installed but not running.

  • Open My Computer and past the path into the address bar
  • Clicked the “up” arrow to go up one folder
  • Right clicked the folder and select Properties
  • Changed “read only” to NOT read only
  • Click Save and OK.
  • Right click on the program .exe file and run as administrator.
  • That’s it. The program will successfully run.

Solution 2: Replace Permission entries on all Child objects

  • Perform the same operation in the solution 1 till the 3rd step.
  • Now, click on the Advanced option.
  • Choose the System User.
  • Enable inheritance and checkbox “Replace all child objects Permissions…” as shown in the below image.
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Now, install the desired software or program.

Solution 3: Temporarily Disable antivirus software

  • Temporarily disable your antivirus program or any other security software.
  • Then, re-install or update the desired software.
  • Re-enable your antivirus or security software.

Solution 4: Tweaking – Edit the Registry keys

  • Press Windows + R on your keyboard. The run dialog box will appear on your screen
  • Type regedit and press enter.
  • The registry editor window will open.
  • Browse to the desired file root.
  • Tweak the entry “1” to “0”.
  • Now, re-install the desired program again.

Hope this article “Resolve Error 1321: The Installer Has Insufficient Privileges To Modify The File” helps you. If you have any query or problem related to it then feel free to contact me by commenting below. Thank you. 🙂

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