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Redmi 12 5G Specs and Release Date: The Phone is Coming Soon

Last month, Redmi, meaning a sub-brand of Xiaomi, delighted users with the launch of the Redmi 12 4G phone model. That device stands out for a few powerful features, such as the AMOLED display of 120Hz, the Snapdragon 685 processor, and more. Now, the anticipation grows as Redmi unveils its highly anticipated 5G variant, which is scheduled for an exciting reveal on August 1, as GSMArena reveals.

The exciting news comes from Redmi’s Indian branch, to be more precise, confirming that the Redmi 12 5G will make its global debut with a grand launch event in India next Tuesday. The Redmi 12 5G promises to be a true gem, boasting a stunning Crystal Glass design that exudes elegance and sophistication. Embracing modern trends, the device will also feature a punch-hole display, elevating the visual experience to new heights. Additionally, Redmi ensures seamless connectivity with the inclusion of a USB-C port, catering to the demands of many tech-savvy users.

Geekbench has also brought some valuable information regarding the forthcoming smartphone model. The reveal discloses that the Redmi 12 5G will be powered by the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 SoC, promising remarkable performance and efficiency for just about any task you may throw at the phone. Rumors swirl about the device’s resemblance to the Redmi Note 12R, suggesting that the 5G variant may be an upgraded version of the Redmi 12 4G. This includes the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 chip, a 5MP selfie shooter, as well as the absence of an ultrawide camera.

Redmi 12 4G has a 5,000mAh battery

Usually, a smartphone’s successor needs to add more impressive specifications. It should also be the case for the upcoming Redmi 12 5G. There you go another strong argument that the 5G variant of the device needs to surpass its predecessor. The Redmi 12 4G has an impressive battery of 5,000mAh. Therefore, we can expect at least the same from its successor. Redmi 12 5G should have a battery that’s at least that good!

The Redmi Note 12 4G also boasts a stunning AMOLED display that promises to elevate your viewing experience to unprecedented heights. This 6.67-inch display engulfs the users in mesmerizing colors and vibrant visuals, providing a screen-to-body ratio of approximately 85.3%, ensuring they won’t miss a single detail.

The impressive resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, presented in a 20:9 aspect ratio, yields a pixel density of around 395 pixels per inch (ppi), delivering crisp and sharp imagery on the Redmi 12 4G. Whether you’re scrolling through content, playing games, or watching videos, every moment can become an immersive delight.

Are you worried about visibility under different lighting conditions? Fear not, as the Redmi Note 12 4G’s display is designed with brightness in mind. With 450 nits (typical), 700 nits (HBM – High Brightness Mode), and an astounding 1200 nits (peak brightness), you’ll experience clarity even in bright sunlight.

Therefore, it would be obvious for the forthcoming Redmi 12 5G to be better when it comes to the display as well, but only time will tell for sure.

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