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How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows XP/7/8/VISTA: Solved

How to recover deleted files Windows XP/7/8/Vista : There are instances when you accidentally delete an important file from your PC or USB and then you remember you haven’t made back up of your file. You curse the mistake you have done a while ago. But you cannot do anything now. So, you give up and regret the whole day for it. You don’t have to regret for it from now. I’m gonna share an article with you to solve this problem. Yes, you read it right. You can recover your deleted files. It is possible to recover your permanently deleted files if taken proper care. You need to pay anything for it nor you have to do complex programming. You just have to download a software “RECUVA” and follow some simple steps.

About RECUVA :

RECUVA is a program which is made to recover data. It was developed by Piriform. It can run in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It recover files which is marked by the operating system as free space. It can also be used to recover data deleted from your USB pendrives, SD cards, Memory cards and MP3 players.It works on both NTFS and FAT file systems. As described, RECUVA is an “effective tool for undeleting or recovering files”.

Conditions of Recovery of a File :

  • Make sure that the hard drive from where you are recovering file has not been overwritten after the deletion of the file. 
  • There should be a green signal in front of the file name at Recuva. You will understand this point after you have completed reading the steps.
  • There is a 50% chance of recovery if the file name has yellow light.
  • There is 0-10% chance of recovery if the file name has red light.

NOTE: To increase the chances of recovery, do follow the first point. The software will recover file in all cases. But the “probability” I am speaking about is the probability working of the file after the recovery.

Steps To Recover Deleted Files Windows XP/7/8/Vista :

  • Download the software “RECUVA” from the link.

recover deleted files

  • Install it. After installation, a window will appear like below:

recover deleted files

  • Select the type of file you want to recover. Then, Click on the Next option. A new window will appear on your screen.

recover deleted files

  • The new window will ask for the location of the deleted file. If you know it then click on the “In a Specific Location” option. Then, Browse it to the specific location. If you don’t know then click on the “I’m not sure” option. After completing these steps, a new window will appear.

recover deleted files

  • Now, RECUVA is ready to search the file. Click on the “Start” option to begin searching
  • Searching will be done in three steps. Wait till RECUVA searches your file.

recover deleted files

  • When searching is completed. A certain number of files will be displayed on your screen. Find the required file. Click the box in front of the file name. Now, press the recover option below. (Green signal  files have the highest priority to recover while red signal files will not be recovered).

recover deleted files

  •  Now, the software will ask you to configure location of the recovery file. Configure it to a different partition of the local disk from the location of the original file. It will increase the probability of recovery of file in the future also.

recover deleted files

  • You are done now. The process is completed. Congratulation!! Your deleted file has been recovered.

To know How Recuva works or How is it possible to recover deleted files, read this article…. link.

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