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Protect Your Phone, Protect Your Life

The majority of us can safely say that our phones hold everything we need. They have our contacts, of course, and so provide us with communication to those who matter. But, they tend to have a lot more besides. How many of us use our phones instead of an old-school diary? Most of us store music, money, and memories on those tiny devices. Is it any wonder that we fall apart if they do? The majority of us now have phone insurance. In truth, though, it’s rarely the financial implication that has the most impact. Avoid the blow by ensuring you do everything possible to protect your phone.


This simple advice will make a huge difference. A shocking number of people manage to smash their expensive phones with ease. Why? Because they don’t install protective casing. It makes no sense! Though the majority of smartphone screens can be replaced, there are still significant risks to dropping your phone. If it lands at the wrong angle, it’ll be curtains for all the information you have stored there. Some avoid phone covers because they’re worried they don’t look great, but it’s all about finding the right one. There are many options, including customised phone covers to choose from. So, you could quite literally design the way you want your phone to look. What’s not to love? Don’t be silly, wrap your…phone?

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As smartphones get thinner, their ability to sustain our pockets gets worse. We all remember the iPhone 6 debacle, don’t we? And, we’ve all known someone who’s had a horrible pocket accident with their phone. Yet, we continue to pocket them like there’s no tomorrow. And, if we carry on that way, there may not be! Putting your phone in your pocket is rarely a good idea. It may well be convenient, but it’s not worth the risk. As well as the whole bending situation, your phone could get punctured by straying keys and all sorts. If you do insist on putting your phone in your pocket, opt for a front pocket, and empty it out first. But, try not to pocket your phone at all. Instead, get into the habit of keeping it on the table instead. The broken contact isn’t going to kill you!

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Sometimes, our best efforts aren’t enough to save our phones. Accidents happen, and no amount of effort can stop them. That’s why it’s important that you keep files somewhere else, just to be sure. The good news is that it’s never been so easy to back your files. If you use an iPhone, your phone will automatically put things in the cloud to ensure nothing’s ever lost. And there are similar features on the majority of smartphones. Plus, you can use programs like Google Calendars and Docs to make sure that everything’s saved elsewhere. These options also have the benefit of freeing up space, so it’s a win all round.

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