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Outsmart Planned Obsolescence! Keep Your Gadgets Running for as Long as Possible


You know that planned obsolescence isn’t just some deranged anti-capitalist conspiracy theory, right? These days, devices simply aren’t built to last. They’re built to provide you with some immediate thrills maybe a couple of years and then become obsolete, either in need of expensive upgrades or even complete replacement.

Just over a decade ago, your average device was made to weather the years. Heck, your old phone from around that time probably still works just fine if you replace the battery. Now devices, especially smartphones, will begin to show signs of slowdown within less than a year.

The way to outsmart planned obsolescence is to keep your device as healthy as possible. Most people really don’t take care of their devices adequately. Here’s a quick guide to ensuring that you get the most out of the technology you bought by keeping it looked after.

A good case

Everywhere you look, people have protective cases around their phones and tablets. Right? But most people actually invest in really cheap cases that won’t make much difference when your device hits the floor. Most people I know who have cracked phone screens had their phones in some sort of case at the time. Really good protective casing does bulk your device out quite a bit, I’ll give you that. But you’ll be extremely thankful for it in the long run.

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Keep it clean

A surprising amount of gadget problems actually occurs because people don’t keep them clean enough. One of the biggest problems is dust. Getting dust out of a device can be pretty tricky, so your best bet is to remove dust from your home.

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Don’t skimp on repairs

When something does go wrong, the way you deal with it can have a big impact on the long-term health of your device. A lot of people make the mistake of getting cheap repairs from untrustworthy sources, or even letting their friends take a screwdriver to them. (The device, not themselves.) You need to seek out technical professionals who can do the job properly. You can find some here.

Turn down the heat!

Heat is one of the most damaging things that a device can be exposed to. And it’s not as if the average device really needs the help when it comes to heat, right? Think about how hot your smartphone can get when you use it for a while in room-temperature environment. Keeping your device in the sun for long periods is a definite no-no. Any source of heat is something it should be kept away from.

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Give it a break

Speaking of overheating, you know how that happens? Overuse! Perhaps the biggest yet more underestimated problem here is that people don’t give their phones a break. And I’m not just talking about the people who use them for several hours a day, although they’re the prime culprits. Very few of us actually give our phones a time-out in the form of actually turning it off for a while. Make sure you switch it off for a while now and then.


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