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How to open (sign in) multiple email accounts (more than one) on Gmail using same browser.

Nowadays people are using multiple Gmail accounts. Multiple account usage could vary from personal mailing to professional work. But one common problem that every one of us faces is to logout from one account to sign in to another account.

But Google is very intelligent. It understands your problem and gives you additional feature so that you can sign in multiple Gmail accounts at same time. Yes, you can open multiple Gmail simultaneously without logging out each time.

This feature by Google to open multiple Gmail account also works with Google app store for android phones and tablets.

Sign in multiple Gmail accounts at same time:

open multiple gmail account at same time

If someone has 3 Gmail accounts one account for official (primary) use and other two for personal (secondary) use.  He wants to check all accounts simultaneously. For this Google provides a useful feature called email delegation. With this feature you can

What is email delegation?

Email delegation is a feature provided by Google. With this feature you can share your inbox with other Gmail users. While sharing your inbox with the others your password is not revealed to them. It simply means that if you are sharing your Gmail account with any other Gmail user. They can simply access your emails, read/write them when they sign in their own Gmail account.

This seems to be in interesting feature. To sign in multiple Gmail accounts at same time using delegation feature. No, doubt trick is very simple.

Steps given below will guide you on how to sign in multiple Gmail accounts at same time:

  • Open one of your secondary accounts.
  • Go to mail settings -> accounts -> grant access to your account. Choose another account from grant access. A new window will open up. Enter your primary Gmail account in the account name option.     open multiple gmail accounts simultaneously
  • You will get confirmation mail from Gmail in your primary account. Confirm the request. It will take about 30 minutes to get activated.
  • Repeat same steps for all your other Gmail accounts.

Now you can sign in to your primary account. From there you can access emails from other accounts as well. Select desired account on the upper right corner of the Gmail window, from where you logout of the Gmail. There is no need of signing in multiple times.

Well this feature seems to be of great use. But there are some limitations of this feature also.

Limitations to open multiple Gmail accounts at same time

  1. If you sign out from one of your account you will be signed out automatically from all other accounts as well.
  2. This feature to open multiple Gmail account simultaneously is applied for emails with same domain name.
  3. This feature to sign in multiple accounts at same time is available for Gmail only. For other sites like Google docs, Google plus you need to sign in separately.
  4. If one of your account get hacked, all other Gmail accounts connected through it will be accessible.

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