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Online Multi-Player Games Are Boosting Social Skills

Even though video games are often portrayed as a solitary activity, recent studies conducted on online multi-player games suggest that this may be no more than a misinformed opinion. In 2015, a study indicated that roughly 83% of teenagers played video games with others rather than along. What’s more, a staggering total of 75% of teenagers played video games online, suggesting that gaming is definitely not a solitary activity. Another notable point from the very same study indicated that a large percentage of teenagers played video games online with individuals who they would not consider their friends outside of gameplay. This means that gaming may, in fact, be a whole new method of socializing.

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Modern Socializing 

While older generations may shun the mere thought that socializing could take place over internet platforms and gaming realms, the statistics prove that the digital era has been consuming and innovating most aspects of our daily lives, and how we socialize is one of them. While non-gamers may also question the theory than gamers are creating social relationships during gameplay, social media platforms, and dating sites also confirm the possibility that socializing in today’s day and age is incomparable to years gone by. League of Legends, Minecraft, and World of WarCraft are among some of the most popular games in the world that meet the criteria for modern socializing by encouraging players to communicate during gameplay. However, considering just how many people play League of Legends, traditional socializing may soon become a thing of the past. 

Joining The Gaming Revolution

Getting involved in the gaming revolution and taking advantage of the thrilling new method of socializing while also aiding stress relief and improving certain mental functions, such as memory and problem-solving, is a great idea. However, it would be wise to invest in the necessary equipment to ensure you are able to get the best experience. Mobile gaming may be a great way to start out, although, when considering just how competitive most games are, it would be wise to eventually settle on either a great PC gaming setup or purchase a suitable console that offers fantastic features. Specifically, League of Legends is a huge community. Some players got started by watching pro players streaming their games and later tried it out for themselves.  Casual players can also stream to try out new tactical moves. There are many forums where gamers can discuss things like the new patch or the updated metagame. There are even LoL coaches who have podcasts about LoL. All this and more makes for a close-knit community of like-minded gamers who are loyal to the game and feel at home within the community.

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Something For Everyone

Getting involved in a new passed time does not mean you will have to play competitively as gaming provides suitable options for everyone. When opting for League of Legends, the six-tiered ranking system allows players to progress throughout the rank when they have attained a required ratio of wins to losses. While they are working on this, they remain within that rank, which determines their skill level. For leisure gamers, there is the option to just play without partaking in the ranking system. These gamers prefer to just have a good time and enjoy the company of the community.  

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