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Oh No, What’s Wrong With Your SEO?

What impacts SEO? This is an interesting question because your search ranking will ultimately determine whether your site is a success online. If the ranking is low, you’ll have a space lower down in the SERPs, and due to this, you won’t see much traffic to your site at all. You’ll also struggle to maintain the support or interest of existing customers because when they search for your product online, they won’t find your site straight away. Instead, they’ll be warmly greeted by your competition.

Unfortunately, there are so many factors that impact SEO that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. But we will do our best to break down some of the most important considerations that will come into play when building your website.

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Links And Keywords

There is no doubt that both links and keywords can boost your ranking. That fact is completely undeniable. However, this does not mean that your site should be crammed with both. Ultimately, this is probably just going to earn you a Google penalty, and that’s not something that you want. Instead, you need to think about using links and keywords sparingly, ensuring that they fit organically into the overall content. If they stand out too much, they will be picked up by Google spiders, and that’s going to leave you with a rather nasty case of reduced ranking. Penalties are very difficult to recover from so if possible you want to avoid them completely.


The quality of the site is important too and can, of course, be affected by both links and keywords. However, the main factor of quality that you should be focused on is the first impression. You need to consider what readers think of your site as soon as they click on it. Ideally, they’re impressed, but this isn’t always the case. That’s why you need to make sure you are using a great website builder. You can read more here about this or research them online. Either way, you should find a company that can build a great website for you.

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Time is another factor that impacts search ranking. It does depend on how long readers stay on your site. For instance, they might purchase a product in minutes and click right back off again. This could send the message to Google that your site isn’t really offering users that much at all and again, they could drop your ranking. That’s why you do want to think about adding different types of content to your site ensuring it is interesting and exciting enough to keep the attention of users.


Finally, every piece of content that you release on your site should be created with the secondary intention of going viral. When content is shared from your site, it naturally boosts the site ranking. The trick to producing great viral content is to tap into your target audience. Make sure you know exactly what they want and serve it up to them on a plate. That way, you can make sure they are interested enough to share it with other people they know online.




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