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Nokia Lumia 925 | Photos | Specs | Reviews | Price

Photos of Nokia Lumia 925:

Front  view – 



Rear view –



Side View – 


Specifications Of Nokia Lumia 925:

  • Display – 4.5 inch AMOLED @ 720p, Capacitive touchscreen.
  • CPU – 1.5 GHz Krait (dual-core) processor.
  • RAM – 1GB RAM.
  • Storage – 16/32 GB storage.
  • Camera – 8MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera, Full HD recording.
  • Operating System – Windows Phone 8.
  • Battery – 2000mAh.
  • Thickness – 8.55 mm.

Ratings Of Nokia Lumia 925:

  • Features – 80/100.
  • Performance – 80/100.
  • Value – 70/100.
  • Design – 90/100.

Reviews Of Nokia Lumia 925:

The Nokia Lumia 925 is for all intents the slimmed version of Nokia Lumia 920. Since the latter phone was thick and heavy. So, Nokia released the Lumia 925. It is a phone that’s just 8.5 mm thick and comes in an incredibly light aluminium body. It now incorporates a 4.5″ AMOLED screen as well.

The Lumia 925 sports the pure View camera from its predecessor. It adds on an extra lens element and optical image stabilization. This ensures better photos in daylight due to better control of flare and ghosting.

As it is a Windows Phone, it ensures that the phone functions smoothly. The UI is fluid and the apps run well. There is no lag in heavy games too. The battery life is also pretty impressive.

Final Verdict Of Nokia Lumia 925:

All in all, the Lumia 925 is same as the Lumia 920 in terms of performance. It has just a  slightly better OS and a better battery life. The most notable feature of this phone continues to be its incredibly slim form-factor. It hasn’t just shed serious millimeters, but also a lot of weight. The smartphone is for anyone who always wanted the Lumia 920, but was turned off by its size and weight.

Price of Nokia Lumia 925:

The actual price of Nokia Lumia 925 is Rs. 33,499. But it is available at cheaper rates at various stores.

To buy Nokia Lumia 925 at cheaper rate, check out this link.

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