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Let The New Drinking Game App, Balagan Rule Your Party!

I love a good drinking game, but sometimes after I’ve already had a few it’s a little tricky to keep track of them all. Balagan the drinking drinking game app by developers Drink-O-Tron takes care of that little snafu for you by putting all the big hitters together in one place. Hell, you don’t even have to come up with the of the categories, questions or dares as it’s already together and raring to go in one place!

InfoCurse - Balagan


Balagan is free to download and already comes packed with ‘random, ‘action’ and ‘drinking’ rounds. However, if you want to make your night extra saucy then you can opt to purchase additional rounds like: ‘never have I ever’, ‘truth or dare’, ‘categories’, ‘would you rather’, ‘rule master’, ‘pop culture’, ‘karaoke’, ‘conversation starters’ and ‘who’s this?’ for $0.99-a-pop or, if you would like all of this glorious hedonism at your fingertips, then you can pay a one-off fee of $3.99 for the full wallop!

This app is deliciously cheeky right from the get go and warms up its eager audience with quips like, “Easy there cowboy… You forgot to enter your names! If you don’t everyone will just be named ‘Player’, which seems cool, but is just confusing… If you’re cool with that then go ahead and press ‘Play’ again you weirdo.”

InfoCurse - Balagan 1


You may very well be a weirdo and you better hope whoever you’ve invited to play is as well or you might have some trouble looking them in the eye after Balagan is done with you. Squirm and answer audacious questions like: ‘Fuck marry or kill. Choose from everyone playing’ and ‘Everyone sexier than Toby drinks’ or complete humiliating dares such as: ‘Hula dance off between Sarah and Jackson. Loser drinks!’ and ‘Hands up! Rhiannon, keep your hands up for the next 5 minutes’.

So if you feel like giving the power over to your handheld and strapping yourself in for a wild night then click over to the App Store and start playing Balagan today!



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