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Neptune DuoReview: A Smartwatch With A Twist?

As the era of the smartwatch begins to take flight, we are already starting to see some amazing left of center units pop up around the place.  Enter the Neptune Duo, why have a phone at all when the watch can take care of the job all by itself.

What makes this smart watch different from almost everything else on the market is its sim card built into the watch.  This allows the user to make and receive calls as well as browse the internet without the aid of the phone.  Where this watch takes a bigger leap into the world of the weird is with its relationship to what’s known as the “Pocket”: a black SIM-less device that resembles a phone but without the brain power, it is simply an extension of the watch.

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Neptune Duo

The thought behind this is when replying to a message or a call the user can use the pocket to do so if they wish.  The larger screen would facilitate web browsing and more interactive functions.

The “Hub’s” guts are not too dissimilar from what you may find in a top of the line smart phone but packed into a beautiful package on your wrist.  It is set to run Android 5.0 Lollipop with the following specs.

  • 64GB of internal storage
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Support for both 3G and 4G devices

One of the big pluses Neptune is pushing with the Duo is the benefit of having your computer on you at all times.  Because everything is stored on the Hub, if you lose the pocket screen this will no longer result in the loss of any sensitive and personal information as all data is stored on the wrist.  While this may seem a bit gimmicky there is common sense attached to the idea.  People are more likely to place their phone down somewhere and lose it rather than their watch.  In built security measures include but are not limited to a proximity sensor on the back of the watch that activates when you put the watch on, and then locks the watch if it is removed.  It also incorporates the classic pattern and pin to unlock features.

Neptune Duo 2

As far as the market is concerned today one of the biggest selling points for smart tech today is battery life.  With a 1000 mAh battery in the “Hub” and a 2800 mAh battery in the “Pocket” both devices should survive on one charge for a few days.  The “Hub” also has the ability to connect to the pocket for that occasional emergency charge.

The “Hub” connects to the “Pocket” via a largely unheard of technique called WIGig.  WiGig is able to transmit 7 GB of data per second.  That’s immensely fast.  The downfall to this is that it uses a bandwidth of 60GHz and does not penetrate walls very easily, hence why you will not find one in anyone’s house for day to day WiFi duties.  However this tech does open up the possibility of seamlessly interacting with house hold items such as TV’s as you walk around your home, which we think is pretty cool.

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Well if this is something that gets your futuristic juices flowing, Neptune is taking pre—orders in two ways.  “Pledges” and “Reservations”. A Reservation is free for now but will sting you $798 when it ships.  A Pledge on the other hand will slash $200 dollars of the bottom line, you simply make a $199 deposit then cough up the remaining $399 when it ships.

Neptune Duo 3

While it looks ahead of the times for the moment, who knows maybe it will become the norm in the near future.  It certainly wouldn’t be the first bit of tech to do so.



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