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Must-Have PC Gaming Accessories

A PC gamer’s setup is everything to them. You’ve spent hours and hours meticulously researching every detail. Writing pro and con lists to decide between two graphics cards which are almost exactly the same. Those details matter. If you put the time in, you can build the best possible system and it’ll be worth it when you go round o a friends house and see that the same games run much better on your PC than they do on theirs. But that’s only the start of the story. You can get your games running smoothly, with a high frame rate and incredible graphics, but there’s plenty of accessories that you can buy to improve your gaming experience even further.

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Now this all depends on your preferences. Some PC gamers are purists, and will only use a keyboard and mouse. If this is you, getting a proper keyboard and mouse can enhance your gaming experience no end. When you are looking at keyboards, you’ll see two phrases that keep popping up; membrane and mechanical. A membrane keyboard is probably what most of your standard computers have. The plastic key pushes down onto a rubber membrane underneath. The mechanical one works more like a typewriter. So, which is best? Well, a mechanical one is better because it’s more durable, and if you are going to be getting a lot of use out of it, it will be less likely to break. There are some more expensive keyboards out there that push the $150 mark but anything over $100 should be just fine.

If you aren’t dedicated to the idea of the keyboard and mouse, a lot of gamers have been coming round to gamepads. Steam sell their own official gamepad but if you are a console convert, you can always put your old PS4 or Xbox controller in and play with that. A lot of people find this a much easier way of playing games than the traditional keyboard and mouse.

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Desk And Chair

If you’re serious about your gaming, you’re likely to be sitting at the computer for extended periods. For your health and comfort, having a good desk and chair is vital. There are a lot of different types of gaming desks so make sure you do a bit of research first. A few things to look for when choosing a desk are space, weight capacity and whether the height is adjustable or not.

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Having a chair that will give you good support is also very important otherwise you’ll end up hunched over with terrible back pain. The main types are a rocker chair or a PC gaming chair. The rocker chairs have no legs or wheels and sit directly on the floor, these are much better for console gaming really, but if you have a monitor mounted on the wall you should be fine. You won’t be able to use the keyboard and mouse with a rocker chair though. If you want to sit at the desk and use a keyboard to play, then look at the office chair style PC gaming chairs. They are the same as a regular office chair but with extra back supports. Make sure everything is adjustable so you can set it to your exact specifications.



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