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Much Better To Be inBudget Than Out Of Pocket

Are you one of the countless people who have real trouble budgeting? I know I am. As soon as a fistful of money comes in, I’m already planning how I can frivolously dispose of it. And not planning in the good sense, oh no. These are flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants plans, plans that are made for short-term gratification and never long-term investment. I think a lot of people can sympathise a little, maybe a lot. Thank the Lord, then, that smart folk like the folks at Mediaplan LLC have got me covered with their indispensable little app, inBudget, which helps fools like me plan their wallets better. It’s also free and out now for iOS.

The first thing you notice about inBudget is how clean and simple it is. A lot of these budgeting apps, and there are more than a few of them out there, get it all wrong, overcomplicating things and generally making budgeting, already dull enough, into a major chore. inBudget strips all that away, and leaves you with just the bare essentials, while remaining stylish and fluid enough to be a pleasure to use.

There’s also a little twist with the excellent inBudget; it specialises inĀ customized budgets for private and public use. So if you want to do a little social network number with this app, then you most definitely can; inBudget lets you share your budgets with your family and friends. This has many benefits, and seeing as we’re all connected anyway and the great singularity approaches, what better way to integrate the way you spend with those closest to you. Most activities require some type of budget, and inBudget has you covered for all occasions.

There are a ton of useful features in the app, enough to make it completely unique in its field. Importantly, it is entirely safe and secure, meaning no one will have access to your accounts unless you want them to. You can hook the app up to your bank account, or start an online budget from scratch for a particular project. You have reusable budgets, templates, balance forecast, and the ability to manage your money offline too. All in all, this sleek little app may just come to be your best friend. You can use inBudget as a traditional budgeting tool, or get creative and share your budgets with family, friends, or indeed the world. You know you need this app in your life, so what are you waiting for?

Open an account at the App Store and start balancing those books today for free!



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