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Motorola Moto G Play (2024): The Specs Emerge Online

You might have been aware of the Motorola Moto G Play smartphone released last year in December if you’re regularly aiming for entry-level devices. The Moto G Play (2023) is more like the kind of phone for those who can comply with low specs for such gadgets, as we’re talking about a device that’s worth less than 100 bucks.

The Motorola Moto G Play for 2024, on the other hand, will represent quite an upgrade, but it will still be far from a phone that will empty your bank account if you decide to buy it. It also falls into the “entry-level” category, but at least it comes with Android 13 on board.

Motorola Moto G Play (2024) will have a 5,000mAh battery

Luckily for all of us, the guys from GSMArena have spotted specs and renders for the upcoming 2024 version of Motorola’s Moto G Play smartphone, thanks to OnLeaks and SMARTmania.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Moto G Play (2024) is that the phone will carry a 5,000mAh battery with 15W charging. It’s great to conclude that you won’t have to carry your charger around each time you leave the house, especially when we’re talking about an entry-level phone! The display of the phone measures 6.5 inches, which is also pretty remarkable for the price point of the device in question. The future phone will also be capable of FullHD+ resolution, while it is equipped with a 90Hz LCD.

If you choose to buy the Motorola Moto G Play (2024), you will definitely take some photos with it. That’s because the phone will feature a 50MP camera sensor on the rear and a selfie camera on the front that harbors an 8MP sensor. Nobody says that you’ll be taking extraordinary photos, but even so, they can still be decent if you don’t have high hopes from a smartphone.

Moto G Play of 2024 will also feature 4gigs of RAM and only 64GB for the storage space. However, you will have the possibility to add a memory card if you buy the phone and wish for more storage.

One of the most burning questions about Motorola’s upcoming phone is whether it will be capable of 5G connectivity. The short answer is that we don’t know, but the good news is that there’s not much to wait to uncover the truth. We can expect the upcoming Moto G Play to become official in January.

We can also expect the Motorola Moto G Play (2024) to cost $169 in the States, and we’ll definitely learn more about the phone soon enough, so stay tuned!

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