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What We Miss Most About Old School Gaming

We would be lying if we said we weren’t impressed with how far gaming has come. VR is cool, the graphics are incredible and the stories can pack a real emotional punch. But there are a few things that the gaming experience has lost over the years. Here are some of the traits we miss the most from old school gaming.


Without the internet game developers had no choice but to release the full game at the time of release. This meant there never was a DLC. Instead, everything was released on the CD or disc. Of course, online gaming brought an end to this. These days, it’s quite common to be sold a game that is only fifty percent complete on the launch date.


InfoCurse - Retro Pac-Man

Simple Setups

We are getting this back slowly with indie games that have basic platforming configurations. But, usually, there is still a lot of complex gameplay in the background. It’s difficult to find a decent game that isn’t repetitive where the controls are just run, jump and hit.

Arcade Excellence

The days of the true arcaders are long behind us. Even new games using the same style add details that while visually impressive can take away from the true experience. For instance, almost every arcade fighter these days switches to three dimensional visuals during an epic battle scene. Although exciting, it does detract from the original feel. For that you need a real arcade fighter and the infographic below is sure to give you a few ideas.

Credit to: Surface Tension



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