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How Online Gamers Can Master Small Stake Rummy

We often read about how to master high stake rummy games and tournaments. But, we also know that all rummy players start small and then move on to the bigger games. So, how do you completely master these small stake rummy games? Let’s take a look at the quick tricks and shortcuts that can make you play rummy like an expert.

Simple and Convenient

One of the most important things that you need to remember when you are playing rummy is making the approach simple for you. To get started download the rummy game apk from the official source and get the rummy app on your mobile. This will help you get access to quick games whenever you want. All you really need after this is a stable internet connection and you can start off in no time.

Get started with practice games

If you have just started with rummy, then get familiar with the pattern with practice games. These games are no less different than the regular cash games. You play with real players, just like you, however there is no cash involved. Yes, you have the freedom to play as much as you want without really getting into the cash reward bit.

Confident enough to play cash games?

Practice games are the best way to get comfortable and familiar with online rummy. Once you have gained confidence to play cash games, get started with instant and small amount cash games. The pace and the player group for cash games can be a bit different from what you experienced in the practice games. Experience always adds expertise. So, start with small amount cash games and see how many games you are winning with ease.

Even though you can’t win every hand you play, your success rate should decide how much to play for. Remember, rummy is a game of skill and the more you practice the game, the finer your skills will become.


Break down the games for different times

Just like you have different moods in the day, you will see that the rummy players are also different from one time to the other. For example, you started playing cash games during the morning hours and even winning them. Then the next thing to do is try playing similar rummy cash games during the evening. The players will be very different at that time and the skill level will also be different. Try using this approach at different intervals of time and see how you perform in these live cash games.

It’s time to scale up

By now, you have understood the quick turns of online rummy, got the confidence to play small budget cash games and even tried playing the game at different intervals of time. It’s now time to scale up your game and cash spends. How much you want to increase your spends completely depends on your confidence level. At this moment, it is very important to remember not to go overboard or overconfident. Maintaining a steady pace is very important in online games like rummy.

Getting started with tournaments

You are now in the category of an expert rummy player and of course you want to try out the big rummy tournaments. Yes, they are big, challenging and lots of fun. But if this is your first time with the cash tournaments, once more it is best to start out small. Every rummy website has regular cash tournaments that are running. Pick some small tournaments and see how it plays out. Tournaments run longer than cash games. So, yes you need focus and patience along with the right skill set. Once you get comfortable playing the small tournaments, you can move on to the bigger games.

Also, don’t forget to download rummy apk and experience the real thrill of playing an online tournament on rummy app.


Winning in rummy is not always about the big tournaments or the high stake cash games. You can start small and still become an ace player. The thing to always remember is to stay consistent with the game. The more you are playing regularly, the better you will get, just like any other sports. So, master the small stake games and see cash flowing in your account on a steady pace.



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