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How To Make Your Mobile Music Sound Better

If you enjoy listening to music, then you want your music to sound good no matter where you are, whether you are home, in the car, or listening to your smartphone. Unfortunately, not all music streaming devices or speakers offer the ideal listening conditions. However, here are six ways to make your mobile music sound better so you can enjoy listening to music everywhere you go. 


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There is no comparison between the speaker that is built into your smartphone and the speakers you can buy. You don’t have to listen to your music through your phone’s included speaker; you can use headphones instead. A nice pair of noise-canceling headphones will eliminate exterior noises and allow you to enjoy listening to your music clearly. Headphones come in a variety of styles, sizes, and speaker quality — shop around, and you will find a pair that fits your needs.  

Wireless Speaker

Another great option for improving the sound of your music is to sync your phone with a Bluetooth speaker. These wireless speakers vary from small to large and vary in quality. If you want the best sound, look into a Bose speaker or another comparable brand; their sound is exceptional and unlike any other.

Music Friendly Smartphones

Not all smartphones are created equal. In fact, for the music lover, the choice of a cellphone is critical. For starters, some smartphones have quality speakers while others don’t. Some cell phones have speakers placed in areas where they often get blocked, while others have them in more listenable locations. Look for audio settings that can be adjusted. Check out optional apps, and make sure the ones you like are compatible with the phone you choose.

Music lovers should spend time comparing the best smartphones and choose the one with the most music-friendly options. Settling on a music-friendly network is also key. For example, T-Mobile’s fast speeds and unlimited music streaming will make sure the beats go on forever — or for as long as your phone battery lasts.

Speaker Placement

If your only option for listening to music is through the built-in speaker on your phone, pay close attention to the position of your speaker. You will not have clear music if your speaker is pointed away from you, or if it is muffled by its surroundings. Instead, place your cellphone on a flat surface nearby, with the speaker pointed in towards you. Positioning your speaker this way will provide you with the clearest and best sound. Also, make sure that your case is not covering your speaker and preventing you from hearing your music clearly.  

Check Your Settings

Depending on the smartphone you own, you may not even know that you have settings that adjust the way your music sounds. For example, on an iPhone, under Settings, in the Music Setting, there is an EQ setting you probably didn’t know existed. In this setting, you can choose the type of music you typically listen to, such as pop, and your equalizer will appropriately adjust. You can also opt to enhance the spoken word, treble booster, treble reducer, or vocal booster. Take a few minutes to research your particular cellphone and make sure that you have adjusted your hidden music settings. 

EQ App

Now if you find that you don’t have any music settings or that your default settings really don’t have an impact on the way your music sounds, look into downloading a basic equalizer (EQ) app. There are several EQ apps that range in price from free to a few dollars. Look into favorite booster apps, such as the Bass EQ. This app allows you to adjust more than just the bass. It is easy to access when playing music and is perfect for boosting your music.  

When you love listening to music, you have got to find a way to listen to it everywhere you go. Use these helpful items to make your music sound better on your smartphone. You’ll be able to enjoy music no matter where you are. 

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