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Everything You Need To Make Coin From Your Blog

It’s the dream, isn’t it? Sitting at home with a cocktail or a fine coffee in hand, writing about the thing you love and coining it in? But is it a reality? The good news is yes, but it takes a combination of hard work and savvy to get there. Read on to find out more.

An online presence

Number one on the list of things you need to make money from your blog is a good online presence. That means as the very least you need an email account, you can login to to get one for free. As well as social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You have to have an email address so you readers can contact you and so you can sign up for the social media accounts. You need the social media stuff because these are a great way to promote your blog, gain new readers, and connect with others specialising in your field.

A good connection

You are also going to need a good internet connection, there is nothing more frustrating than being on a deadline for blogging and have your internet drop out. Especially if you haven’t saved the post that you are working on.

That is why you should do your best to avoid this by going for the fastest and most reliable internet package you can. It may seem like the romantic life of a writer, sitting in cafes, drinking coffee and using their wifi. But trust me it isn’t a very economical way of getting access to the web.

Writing skills

You are also going to need some writing skills to be successful at blogging. Don’t stress though, as apart from the odd grammar troll, you don’t have worry about people judging you.

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In fact, readers often respond better when things are a little more informal because it seems more genuine and authentic like it’s coming from you. Remember this as it’s a good way to engage your readership and build your following which is an essential part of the monetizing your blog.

A good host service

You’ll also need a good blog hosting service, to begin with like the ones listed at Although you may want to branch out with your own site once you have become established.

The most popular one on the market at the moment include the ever present WordPress, Tumblr and Squarespace. Although there is plenty of others out there, you can try too.

If you are just starting, it may be best to eschew sites that allow you to change the HTML, and just go for a basic template. Then you can add to your blog as you learn more about the technicalities.

Access to photos

Lastly, you will also need access to commercially modifiable photos. This means that they aren’t protected under copyright law so you can use them on your monetized blog.

Of course, you can also use your own photos. Readers often prefer this than the stock ones available. So take some time to seek advice from sites like and get to know you way around your camera.



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