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Maadly: The Curious New Stranger Engager

Are you bored of your Facebook and Instagram feeds? Same old stuff day after day? Sure, these people are great in real life. They’re your friends and family. You love hanging out with them. But when it comes to online personas, it’s a different story. Ah, here we go, Jimmy’s sharing his indie band page again. They’ve got a gig coming up and twelve people are going. And here comes Sarah with another meaningless petition that she’s dragged up from the bowels of some activist site. Tina’s got a birthday, Craig’s remembering his Grandad and oh look, Mum’s unearthed a video of a cat falling off a windowsill fourteen months after it went viral. If you’re looking to spice your timelines up a little, there’s an intriguing iOS app called Maadly which could be just the ticket.

The clever clogs behind Maadly have created a social networking platform that doesn’t require you to have any friends or followers at all. In a way, you can discover your truth worth on Maadly; it will never lie to you. That’s because all your broadcasts (called ‘beats’ by the app) are sent out to random strangers and could land anywhere across the globe. These strangers can then decide to like your beat or private message you on the strength of your offering, and as you gather approval, you’ll gain something the app calls karma, which means your beats are then sent out to bigger crowds.

At the same time, you’ll receive a constant stream of beats from around the world, which could be text, video or photos. You can interact with these senders too, or you can simply ignore them if they’re not to your tastes. The developers call their creation a ‘gamified social media platform’, and the idea behind it is to lift the restrictions upheld with traditional social networks and allow folks to go…well, a little mad. You can add emojis and even blurred pictures to your text beats. Everything’s geared towards a fun, positive experience of self-expression.

The cool thing about the app is that once you don’t have to project an appearance for your friends and family, people seem to become a lot freer, and a lot more wacky. Of course, you can be anonymous if you wish, but I reckon that kind of ruins the fun. The app wants you to engage with it, and more importantly, genuinely seems to want people to engage with each other. The interface is slick, very fast and very intuitive. So if you’re looking for a new experience, check out Maadly to start engaging with some interesting, crazy strangers.

Take a trip to the App Store and start expressing yourself for free today!



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