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Liven Up Even The Dullest Party With Drunk Potato Drinking Game App!

Have you ever been to a party that just needed a little livening up? Everyone sitting around, some bastard brought either Trump or Brexit up and now you all have to walk on eggshells to both come across informed but in no way offensive… Well the developers over at Drink-O-Tron want to put an end to bland evenings and heat things up with their ultimate ice-breaker-cum-drinking game Drunk Potato.

InfoCure - Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato is scandalously cheeky, uproariously funny, unapologetically raucous and will get a whole group involved in downright silly antics. The premise of the game is super simple and loosely follows the rules of the beloved children’s game, Hot Potato (where kids throw around a bean bag to music until the sound stops and whoever is left holding the bag is out of the game). Essentially, a group of (fun) friends get to together and the funniest friend (how you work this out is up to you) starts the game by either answering the first question or completing the first task before promptly handing the phone to the person on the left. When the timer runs out, whoever is left with the phone has to drink. Simples.

The questions/tasks themselves however, are a whole other kettle of rambunctious fish. The game holds no punches when asking uncomfortable questions like when was the last time that you masturbated or tasks you to pass the game to someone who is ‘dumber’ than yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable answering/completing then you turn then you can opt to pass, but with a three drink penalty. Ouch.

InfoCure - Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato is free to download for both Android and iOS users and comes free from annoying advertorials. The only in app purchase that’s suggested to you is if you would like to upgrade your game to ‘fully loaded’ for $0.99 to get an additional 1000+ questions.

So don’t be a lemon, liven up your next party by downloading Drunk Potato from either the App Store or Google Play today!




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