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Solved: LG G3 most common problems and their fixes.

LG G3 most common problems and their fix: LG G3 amazing flagship phone from LG in 2014. Once can consider LG G3 as one the best phone launched in 2014. Over all it’s an excellent device. Fast processor, amazing camera, good looks makes this phone one of the best in its class. But nothing is perfect so is LG G3. Users are facing problems in LG G3. This post is about some of the common LG G3 problems and fixes.

Different users could have different problems regarding their LG G3. Some of you may face hardware problems some bugs in software. But here in this post I am sharing some of the common problems that many of LG G3 users are facing. So below is the list of LG G3 common problems and their fix

Some of the LG G3 common problems:

  • Poor voice quality on LG G3
  • LG G3 Battery drain problem
  • LG G3 touch screen not responding or lag issues.
  • LG G3 GPS problem. GPS locating wrong places or not working.

Hope if you are reading this post on LG G3 common problems and their fix your problem is listed. For fixing part read below.

LG G3 common problems and fixes

LG G3 common problems and their fix:

Problem: LG G3 poor voice quality

Poor voice quality is one of the most common problem faced in smart phones today. Many LG G3 users have complained that their LG G3 have poor voice quality problem. Users are experiencing cracked sound from other side along with interference.

If you are one of them who are facing LG G3 poor voice quality problem like cracked or popped sound, interference then here is the solution

Fix LG G3 poor sound quality problem

There are many internal settings in your LG G3 through which you can greatly reduce poor voice quality.

To improve poor voice quality:

Settings >> call >> turn on voice enhancement on or off. Check voice quality for both on and off condition. I hope you will get the positive results.

If this method doesn’t work to improve voice quality or reduce interference go to

Settings >> call >> turn off the privacy keeper to improve the voice quality in your LG G3.

If problem still persist contact your nearest LG service centre for phone repair.

Problem: LG G2 touch screen not responding or lag in touch response.

If you are facing the same problem then I hope this will help you to overcome your touch screen issues. Sometimes you want to open a file and touch on the file menu but nothing happens for first few minutes. After that the file opens up. Or sometimes you touch on one option and multiple files open up. This shows there is some problem in your LG G3 screen. So if your LG G3 screen is not responding, showing some lag in touch response or has become over responsive then you can follow some solutions given below:

LG G3 touch screen not responding, lag in touch or has become over responsive fix:

If your LG G3 touch screen is not responding or showing lag in touch you can change the touch and hold delay by

Settings >> accessibility >> touch and hold delay. Change this delay from short to medium.

Alternatively just power off your LG G3 and again power on. Hope these two methods will help you to fix your LG G3 touch screen issues like lag in touch or screen becoming over responsive.

If touch screen issues still persist in your LG G3 it is advisable to contact LG customer care centre.

LG G3 common problems and fixes

Problem: battery drain very quickly in LG G3

Does your LG G3 battery drains very fast..?? Is your LG G3 battery backup is very low ..?? There are various reasons that can cause this issue. Bugs in softwares etc. Below I have listed some of the possible solutions to fix battery draining problem of your LG G3.

Fix LG G3 battery drain very quickly problem:

If there is no manufacturing defect in your battery these solutions could help you a lot.

Settings >>battery >>power saving mode. Turn on this power saving mode.

Turn of unnecessary apps running in back of your device. For this you can use app manager softwares like Clean Master etc.

There are many battery saving apps that can help you to fix your battery drain problem in your LG G3. For this you can use apps like Battery Doctor etc.

I hope these methods will help you to fix your LG G3 fast battery drain problem.

Still facing battery problem it’s time to take your phone to service centre.

Problem: LG G3 GPS not working correctly, showing wrong places.

You turn on your GPS to locate a particular and follow the GPS directions. At the destination end you find that you have reached some other. This could be a big trouble. Similar issues are faced by many LG G3 users. In short you can say that GPS is either not working or showing wrong places in your LG G3.

If you are also facing such GPS problems in LG G3. Here are possible solutions of your problem

LG G3 common problems and fixes

Fix LG G3 GPS problem not showing correct places:

It is advisable for you to turn on location services in your LG G3. For this

Settings >>location access >>access to my location. Turn it on. Then again try to connect any map service.

Also try GPS tools for more accurate location access.

I hope these methods will be helpful for you to fix GPS problem in LG G3. Still GPS showing wrong places or not working you can try any software update available for your device.

Poor sound quality, battery draining fast, GPS showing wrong places and touch screen showing lag or not responding are some the common problems and bugs faced by LG G3 users. I hope methods given above will be helpful for you.

I you are still facing any problem feel free to ask any question in the comment box below.

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  1. my phone is new, just a few days of use, but i’m with problems to use gps apps, always shows that there aren’t GPS Signal

  2. HI , on my lg g3 the touch sensitivity is not accurate… i try to touch & hold to move a widget .. but instead it opens the app directly.. have try a number of time for it to work.. also while scrolling down, it just selects the particular text.. plz help


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