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Level Up – Becoming A Multiplayer Legend

Okay, so we might not be in our teens anymore. Still, that doesn’t mean that a person over the age of thirteen can’t enjoy gaming. Gaming has everything one person needs, from a way to pass the time to a sense of community. Going online is also an amazing way to shift out of reality from time to time. And, we all know that a break from life is in order.

The only thing that stops people from really getting into gaming is a lack of skills. Like a physical sport, the average person requires a certain level of talent to survive online. Those of us that don’t have that talent are cannon-fodder. Honestly, it’s as if Navy Seals frequent some of the first person shooter games!

There is some good news. Although talent gets us from A to B, it isn’t everything. An unskilled novice can transform into a legendary expert if they have the time and patience. Oh, and a few of the following will also help.

Practice Like A Madman

Anyone ever heard the old cliché about practice. Yep, apparently it makes perfect, which is what we are looking for. The significant advantage of practicing day and night is that it hones a gamer’s skills. One of the reasons people aren’t very good is due to a lack of experience. Gamers around the world have years of playing time under their belts, and they use it to their advantage. So, it isn’t lucky the next time Messi scores a wonder goal on FIFA. As someone that wants to improve, it is down to you to put in the hours of practice. Therefore, find budget gaming computer builds that you can afford, invest in a few games, and clear the schedule. When do you stop? Well, Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become a pro. Hurry up, then!

Go Online Early

Early doesn’t refer to the time of day. Although, anyone that fancies a bash on the controls before work is more than welcome! In this case, it relates to the skill level. Novices will hold back from testing their abilities against better players in fear. In simple terms, you don’t want to get thrashed and ruin your confidence. There is a school of thought which believes this is a savvy process, but at Infocurse we disagree. Instead, we think people should hit the online world after only a short grace period. The method behind the madness (yes the rumors are true) is that the best players are online. By playing against them, you can only improve. Sure, there might be a few beatings at first. After a while, though, you’ll begin to hold your own.

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Look For Help

The best thing about the gaming community is that they are quick to offer help. Okay, the people on interactive games are pompous and arrogant. But, that is their playing style. On the whole, gamers are friendly people that want to enhance the standard of gaming as a whole. To do that, they make videos and put them on YouTube. Because YouTube is free to use, anyone can log in and watch videos until their heart’s content. All you have to do is search for the gaming tutorials which relate to your chosen subject and press play. Help is only a click away. Well, it’s a type, a search and then a click, but you get the gist.

Get Comfortable

Sitting miles away from the TV, or slouching in a seat isn’t going to aid your performance. If anything, it will only make things worse. The secret to an awesome gaming session is to settle in for the long haul. That means changing the brightness on the screen and moving closer to the TV. It also means investing in a comfy chair that won’t hurt your butt! Another great tip is to turn down the music. Music is a distraction, which is why you don’t want it too loud. In fact, wearing headphones or earphones will help massively. The more comfortable you are in real life, the more comfortable you’ll be in virtual reality.

Get Into The Zone

Sure, gaming is an excellent way for people like me and you to create our own reality. It’s also an excellent way to pass the time or to have fun alone or with friends. Still, it is also a competitive environment where every player wants to win. If you believe that it’s only a game, you are going to lose. To be the best, you have to get into a zone which will aid performance. That doesn’t mean that a gamer has to spend hours focussing and vocalizing because it isn’t the World Cup final. What it does mean is that you should be alert and ready to kick some ass! Any distractions will get in the way, so they have to go. Also, try not to play tired or angry as emotions inhibit performance. One final thing: don’t consume too much sugar. A stereotype is that the average gamer likes to gorge on junk food when they play. The stereotype comes from a place of truth, so avoid the sweets and energy drinks.

Play Real Sports

Like sports but you’re not any good at them in real life? Don’t worry because being the best doesn’t mean anything. At least, it doesn’t as long as you’re not Roger Federer or Lebron James! Real life sports and 3D games have a lot in common, which means they have transferable skills. As a result, your performance will improve if you take the time to learn the craft on an actual court or field. Skills such as timing and hand-eye coordination become second nature in life. It isn’t only the sporting arena where you will see a change as timing is a feature of all games and genres.

Leveling up isn’t easy because it takes a lot of time and hard work. But, it is possible for anyone that wants to enter the world of multiplayer gaming.

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