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Letting The Internet Of Things Take Control

Like it or not, the internet has become a major foundation of modern life and is one of the new pillars that hold up modern society. Everything runs by the time of the internet nowadays, and that’s a good thing, but others can see it as a bad thing. Whatever your personal thoughts on how the internet has affected people, in general – it has been hugely positive. It has mostly changed things for the good – forever. What that means though, is that we will become a society that relies on the internet more and more as time and technological developments go on. Our dependence on the Internet will only ever grow as time goes on.

As time goes on, so do new developments. New terms and descriptions pop up – like the term ‘Internet of Things’. You may have even heard the abbreviated form of this word – IoT. The Internet of Things was a term invented by Birmingham, UK born tech pioneer Kevin Ashton back in 1999. First used nearly 20 years ago, the Internet of Things is in reference to, of course, the internet – but also it’s capabilities as a foundation of a network. The most basic usage of the term? Adding internet capabilities to the real world – objects, things, stuff – all connected and communicating with one another.

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It’s a very broad term indeed – but even the most basic understanding of the phrase heralds majestic improvements in both our life at home and our life at work. When we think of the amount of ‘smart goods’ available, from iWatches, Smartphones, wifi thermostats, smart cars, smart lights, automatic refrigerators, alarms, and sensors – it is very clear that we are already getting to grips with the Internet of Things. The things that we once had, that we once got use from are now becoming connected and communicating with each other. This is leading to a more efficient experience in the home. Thanks to these developments, a smart home is a reality.

Is a smart business a reality? Yes. The business applications of the Internet of Things aren’t usually clear to a mainstream audience – but with a little bit of education and some IoT consulting, the Internet of Things can have some extremely interesting and beneficial applications in the workplace. HP – manufacturers of computers, software, gadgets and hardware predict that by 2025, there will be over 1 trillion connected devices. That’s a lot of things in the internet, so to get ready for it – we need to act now and ensure the Internet of Things takes control of our business so we can benefit from the coming golden age.

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No matter the industry that your business operates in – the Internet of Things will always have a huge role to play – especially in the coming years. From smart retail to smart manufacturing, you can bet your bottom dollar that an early investment into the Internet of Things will pay off in a number of ways for both yourself and your business. Learn about it, understand and see what it can do for your business.



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