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Leaving On A Jet Plane? Don’t Forget Postcard & Tag

Ironically, holidays can be a stressful experience. Have you ever been on a holiday where you had a number of things you wanted to get done and see, and you ended up not doing a single one of them? I don’t know what it is about the human brain that can procrastinate endlessly, even to those extremes, but as a race, we’re capable of it for sure. I think it might have to do with the general stress of holidays. There’s different languages, roadsigns, directions, that general feeling of being hopelessly lost, all contributing to you not wanting to leave the hotel resort/villa/apartment. Maybe some of you are better than me, but for those who are the same or worse, help is at hand. It’s called Postcard & Tag, and it’s out now for iOS and Android.

The general idea behind Postcard & Tag is simple; it’s like a global travel guide that shows you the best places to eat at, drink at, stay at or visit in a particular place. Say, for example, you were visiting Berlin; you find the German capital on the app, and a whole profile page will open up, advising you the best places to go, as well as detailing reviews and photos from other travellers. It’s a smooth little system, and there’s one for pretty much every major and minor city you can think of.

On top of that, the app looks great. Like, really great, it’s one of the best looking apps I’ve ever come across. It’s gorgeously designed, and the photographs they use for the individual cities are stunning, serving to really inspire you about visiting those places. On top of the profile photos of each city, there are also countless user photos from people who’ve visited and snapped away themselves, meaning you get a further intimate look at your chosen destination.

That’s not all the app offers though; it also shows you great places to eat and stay around your current location, which can add a surprisingly pleasant variant to your home city, or a place you thought you knew pretty well. As travel for our generation becomes easier an easier, it makes sense to take advantage of intuitive, timely apps like this. Get downloading and make the most of your next adventure.

Jet over to the App Store or Google Play and get exploring for free today!

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