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How to Keep your Data Secure in Cloud Storage: Tips & Tricks

Gone are those days when people used to save their important data in Compact Disks, USB or HDD drives. Now, everything has gone online and Cloud Storage is the most recent technique to save your high stealth files with the million dollar question – How to Keep your Data Secure in Cloud Storage?.

Cloud Storage

If we go back in 2012, Gartner predicted the complete migration of offline database to cloud storage soon. And it’s really happening, the number of cloud storage users is rapidly increasing day by day. But is it really worth it?? Is your data secure in Cloud Storage?? Could you blindly trust it??  A lot more questions than answers. Right!! So, Let’s find the answer.

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The answer is a clear NO!! Yes, you read it right. Though, Cloud Storage has revolutionized the way of securing data but it has got some severe disadvantages. It is not as reliable as you are thinking. With the streak of some online threats and events, the most trusted cloud storage companies have become a puppet in front of professional hackers. Every hour in each day, an attempt to hack online cloud stuff is executed around the world. Nobody is abandoned by the fun of Hackers… be it celebrities, political associations, multinational corporation or a simple living guy. Everyone has fallen on the web of Professional hackers. And then comes the million dollar question – How to Keep your Data Secure in Cloud Storage?

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You can easily secure your data in cloud storage database to some extent. Here are some genuine tips &  tricks to keep your data secure in Cloud Storage.

Genuine Tips & Tricks to keep your data secure in Cloud Storage:

Here are 5 tips & tricks that can help you to keep your data secure in Cloud Storage.

1. Be serious about Passwords

 tips & tricks to keep your data secure in Cloud Storage

It is a no- brainer and you must have heard this tip a hundred times. Yet, people do not take it seriously. Indeed, most of the people suffer due to it. So, here are some trick to make a strong secure password.

– Keep a long password.

– Your Password must be a combination of Upper Case alphabet, lowercase alphabet, numerals and signs. For eg: Ayan004@InfoCurse is a strong password.

– Keep your password safe from others. Do not write it or make a note of it. Just memorize it.

– Change your password on a regular basis. Prefer to change it after 3 months.

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2. Choose a Cloud Storage Company Wisely

How to Keep your Data Secure in Cloud Storage

You must think thrice before opting for a Cloud Storage company. Follow the below things before choosing a company because these small things become big after some time..

– Read the User Agreement of Cloud Storage Service Provider Very Carefully.

– Go through all the Terms and Conditions.

– Do some research about the company. Read the feedback of their existing customers.

– Do not fall for high discount offers or any other promotional offers.

It is better to act before than to regret later. For example, a cloud storage company may say that they do not provide privacy protection service or you need to buy this service. Their basic job is just to provide a database to store your data. Later, they could distribute your personal stuffs and you could not claim anything because you have signed their agreement. So, choose it wisely.

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3. Encrypt your data

 tips & tricks to keep your data secure in Cloud Storage


Always prefer to encrypt your data before uploading them to your cloud account. So, even if your account gets hacked, all your data remains secured. You can download a cloud protection software or ask your service provider for it.

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4. Make a Backup of your data

How to Keep your Data Secure in Cloud Storage

Even if you are reliable on your cloud storage provider, make sure to have a backup always. You do not know what’s going to come next. So, always be prepared.

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5. Avoid Storing sensitive Information on Cloud Storage

Encrypt Cloud Storage Data

I would say this is the first and foremost thing. Even if you are paying for the service or following all the precautions, it is always better to avoid storing sensitive information on cloud storage.

#Do not ever store your sensitive information on cloud Storage even if your cloud storage provider has long list of promises and claims.

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