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Monitor your devices with Hoverwatch

Our tech and cell phones have become the windows to our lives. These devices we carry around with us everywhere we go house all of our important data and keep us in touch with the wider world. This is why the thought of losing said devices comes equipped with feelings of intense dread. Fortunately, the people over at Hoverwatch cell phone monitoring app know this, and have come up with an elegant solution.

Hoverwatch allows its users to sign up and effortlessly monitor multiple devices through an easy-to-use online dashboard. Available for PC, Mac, and Android devices, it provides users the ability to track their personal devices, or those of family or employees. If web history is your largest concern, or texts and Facebook activity, Hoverwatch is the most comprehensive tracking service available.

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Creating an account is as simple as entering an email address and password on the homepage. From there, you will be treated to a free trial to test Hoverwatch’s capabilities. Every moment of the experience is straight-forward and user-friendly. While the service may bring up many questions, the free trial and detailed online FAQ will put any concerns to rest – making sure it’s right for you.

If you’re managing a business, are prone to losing your possessions, or wish for added digital security to protect your children, Hoverwatch can provides ease of mind with complete discretion. Installation of the Hoverwatch program is hassle-free, taking mere seconds to install – hiding itself from the installed programs lists on every computer and mobile android device.

For many, Hoverwatch’s prime asset will be its ability to track a device’s location, even if the user has turned off both their GPS and Wi-Fi. Target locations of those devices are then marked on a map, and the frequency at which data is transferred can be changed at any time through the personal account settings. This carries over to all aspects of data; conveniently arranging data into easy-to-read lists.

Every aspect of the experience can be thoroughly customized. At all times, you have complete control over your devices and what activity is being tracked. It’s never all or nothing with Hoverwatch. If all you care about is location and web history, then that’s all you’ll see. Alternatively, the depth of the service can provide a myriad of information – the flexibility is commendable.


Hoverwatch never becomes predatory; with the program being easily removed from any device. This emphasis on customer satisfaction continues through to its subscription structure. With different tiers for personal, family, and business use, the amount of devices available to track and the price it costs for each one, is tailored to give the best possible value for money – and can be cancelled at any time.

If parental control or employee monitoring is weighing on your mind, or if you’ve misplaced your phone one too many times, Hoverwatch may just be for you. Easy to use, safe and secure, it’s the foremost digital tracking service on the market.

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