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iQOO 11S Launches With a Powerful 144Hz 2K AMOLED Display

iQOO is once again raising the stakes when it comes to smartphones, and the fans of the brand really have strong reasons to be excited. The Chinese company has unleashed its latest creation, the 11S model of smartphone. We’re actually talking about a flagship device that carries a flat display with 200W charging technology.

Thanks to Notebookcheck, the publication that spotted the news regarding the new iQOO 11S on Vivo’s website, we can now learn a lot about what the phone is capable of. Embracing the mantra of “super fast, super clear, super smooth,” this device is geared towards e-sports enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance. While its purpose may be to refresh the 11 Pro phone, it shares nearly identical internal specs.

According to iQOO, the company has redefined the benchmark for high-end Android gaming smartphones with the introduction of the 11S. This claim is supported by the retention of the beloved “iron triangle” of LPDDR5X RAM, UFS 4.0 flash storage, as well as Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 silicon, boasting an incredible top clock speed of 3.2GHz, reminiscent of the predecessor, the 11 Pro.

The 11S refuses to surrender its pace-setting position and also flaunts a Pro-like 6.78-inch 2K AMOLED display that reaches a remarkable 144Hz refresh rate, Samsung E6 technology, as well as an astounding maximum brightness of 1,800 nits. In other words, the display will look clear and bright regardless of the outdoor conditions. This time around, the curved edges of the iQOO 11S have been eliminated, offering a sleeker aesthetic. Moreover, it introduces a “Supercomputing” independent display chip, aimed at providing a truly professional gaming experience.

Continuing the theme of swiftness, the 11S embraces iQOO’s top-of-the-line 200W charging, accompanied by a new compact power brick that graciously accompanies the device in the packaging. The battery reaches a capacity of 4,700mAh, but receives an upgrade in the form of boron nitride cooling technology and additional UFCS support, ensuring optimal thermal management.

When it comes to the cameras, the 11S draws inspiration from the 11 rather than the 11 Pro. The iQOO 11S sports a similar rear camera configuration of 50+13+8MP. The primary sensor now boasts the remarkable VCS IMX866, a shared feature with the impressive Vivo X90s.
While the 11S may appear as a potential Fan Edition, risking being overshadowed by more dedicated flagship releases in the near future, iQOO aims to captivate fans by doubling the maximum internal storage space compared to the 11 Pro.

The resulting top-tier variant still boasts an impressive 16GB of RAM, yet comes with a surprisingly accessible price tag of 4,799 yuan (which means about $665). Offering even greater freedom from budget constraints, the 11S presents various options, such as the 16/512GB variant at 4,399 yuan (meaning roughly $610), the 16/256GB variant at 4,099 yuan (meaning about $568), and the base model that offers a 12/256GB configuration at 3,799 yuan (translating to $527).

These choices are available in a captivating new Qiantang Tingchao colorway, along with iQOO’s renowned BMW-branded Legendary and Track color options, and can already be pre-ordered in China.

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