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iOS 9 – How To Increase The Battery Life On Your iPhone

One of the main problems that each mobile device has is related to the battery life. Devices are getting smarter and smarter, but, at the same time, these devices are using more and more resources, such as CPU, RAM and, of course, the battery.

Today, we’re going to give you some hints that will help you improve the battery life on your iPhone that runs on iOS 9.

Disabling Some iCloud Preferences

You can disable some iCloud settings that you don’t use. We suggest you to toggle off everything that you don’t necessarily need to be stored in the cloud. Keep in mind that if you use multiple Apple devices, it is better to leave most of the iCloud settings on.

Turning Off Background App Refresh

Another way to improve the battery life of your iPhone device that runs on iOS 9 is to go to Settings->General and disable the “Background App Refresh”. You can stop this for all applications or for some individual ones.

Enabling Low Power Mode

When you are running out of battery, it is good to activate the “Low Power Mode” in order to keep the device alive for as long as possible. However, keep in mind that this will slow down your device. To enable the “Low Power Mode”, go to Settings->Battery->Low Power Mode.

Disabling Auto-Brightness

If you don’t mind setting the brightness manually, a few times per day, then you should disable the auto-brightness feature that is usually eating too much battery. By leaving the auto-brightness enabled, you will notice that the display’s brightness is usually higher than you actually need. With other words, your battery is getting wasted faster because the brightness is too high.

Disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth And AirDrop

You can significantly improve the battery life by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirDrop. So, if you don’t need one of these services, you should disable them, because they are wasting your battery life for nothing.

Disabling Handoff

The Handoff feature allows you to start a document on the iPad, Mac or iPhone and finish it on another device. However, this feature is not used by many people and if you are one of the persons who are barely using it, we suggest you to disable it right away by going to Settings->General->Handoff & Suggested Applications.

Disable The Notifications Of Some Applications

Not all notifications are important or useful. Aside from emails, messages and social media applications, you should disable the notifications for all other applications. To disable notifications for a particular application, go to Settings->Notifications.

Monitoring Your Battery

In the Settings app, you will be finding the “Battery Preferences”, where you will be able to monitor what application is draining too much battery. You will be allowed to either uninstall them or force close them.

If the home screen is wasting too much battery, you will be able to enable the “Auto-lock” feature to automatically lock your device after 30 seconds – 1 minute of inactivity and not 2-5 minutes (or never).

iOS 9

Disabling The App Store Updates

We’re sure that you want to have the latest updates for all applications that you use. However, by having this feature enabled, the battery life will significantly decrease. This is the reason why we suggest you to disable it by going to App and iTune Store Preferences.

Disabling Fitness Tracking

It’s useless to have the Fitness Tracking feature enabled if you are not trying to get in shape. It’s indicated to disable it, so you’ll head to Settings->Privacy->Motion & Fitness and toggle off “Fitness Tracking”. You can disable it for either the Health application or for all applications.

Disabling Location Services For Some Applications

When you’re trying to extend the battery life of your device, it is good to look at the Location Services preferences. For example, you can allow only some particular application to access your Location Services. We suggest you to leave it enabled only for a few applications that you are using daily, such as the social applications. However, you should disable it for other applications, as this feature is wasting a lot of battery.

Disabling “Send Data to Apple”

We know that sending data to Apple will contribute to the development of the upcoming iOS versions, in order to enjoy a better experience. However, this is another feature that is decreasing the battery life and it should be turned off by going to Setting->Privacy Preferences-> Diagnostics & Usage.


By taking all the steps we’ve listed you above, you will significantly improve the battery life of your device that runs on iOS 9.

Have you used these tips to improve the battery life of your iDevice? Tell us your thoughts about these tricks! Do you know any other tricks to improve the battery life of your iDevice?

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