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How to install apps not available in my country without root from play store.

Install android apps not available in your country from play store:android devices are everywhere from USA to Australia. Developers around the world are giving their best to provide android users best applications and features. Its developers are spread all over the world approx in each country. While developing the applications for android its developers have authority to restrict apps to certain devices or versions and even in specific countries.But as you all know that in today’s world nothing is impossible so here’s ¬†solution for this problem also. Yes, in this article read about how to install apps not available in your country from Google play.

Well you all are wondering that why some apps are compatible some are not:

  • Some applications runs on latest versions of android. This is most important reason for incompatibility of android apps in Google play.
  • Some On line banking apps are compatible only in countries where they give services.

Advantages of using techniques to install incompatible android apps from Google play:

  • Sometime play store shows that apps are not compatible with your device but it runs smoothly.
  • Some country specific provides you great knowledge about that fields.

Below we are giving you some best techniques to install apps that are not available in any country from play store:

METHOD 1: to install apps that are incompatible with your smartphone.

install android apps not available in your country from play store

Well this method is not that much reliable but the best method to install incompatible android apps from Google play. Well you can get apk file of any application on internet but its always a security threat to your device and your personal information. So don’t download apk from unknown sites. Go for some trusted sites.


After installing apk in your computer transfer the data to your android smartphone and install apk using any file explorer like ES file explorer etc. Main advantage is that when you install through apk there is no need to root your smartphone.

METHOD 2: install android apps not available in any country using payment options.

Another method to install apps not available in any country is to fool Google that your device is present in another country. This trick doesn’t require to root your android smartphone. In this method you need to pay for a particular app using payment options other than used in that country. well, I visited various sites and found out that this method is also not very much effective. If one manages to install country restricted application then it gets permanently linked to ones account and can be installed on other devices easily.


METHOD 3: to install apps restricted in your country using VPN

Using virtual private network(VPN) you can fool Google about your device’s location. Main restriction of this technique is that this technique could be used only on devices without cellular connectivity i.e which works through Wi-Fi only.


install android apps not available in your country from play store

This method doesn’t require rooting of your smartphone. you just need to restart your smartphone and connect it to a VPN located in the appropriate country. Now open Google play. Hopefully this method will work for you to install country restricted apps. To get VPN you need to install tunnel bear app( for US and UK only for other countries look for required applications in play store) it provides you with VPN and enough data to install apps.


METHOD 4: by upgrading your operating system.

Older android version is the root cause of incompatibility of applications. So you are advised to check for latest updates that your manufacturers are providing. With an upgraded version one can download most of the applications from Google play store. If you are using android 2.3 then sorry to say but you are now old dates and need to change your device or upgrade it.

install android apps not available in your country from play store
To upgrade your device you can use community-developed ROM like Cyanogenmod which can update your smartphone to latest version.

hope you have gone through this article well. It will definitely help you to install that are not available in your country. But kindly note that Google does not support these techniques so you are required to use these tricks at your own risk.


Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


  1. Another easy method: go to some website provide download apk file.

    ex:, find by title or package name, you will get direct download apk + obb data file link. no worry about playstore anymore


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