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Kick Your Caffeine Habit For A Literary Hit Of Inspirational News With You Totally Rock!

Life today is full of excitement, new possibilities, an ever-changing political landscape and for some, stress. To get through the gruelling demands of working life in the 21st century, a lot of people have started becoming overly reliant on their 8+ cups of coffee everyday. However, as tasty and satisfying as a restorative cup of Jo might be, the rapid increase in caffeine is frying our synapses and what many people think is simple fatigue is actually low-spirits brought about by an overly stressful environment. The new You Totally Rock app, is trying to change your habits for the better by getting you addicted to good news and inspiring quotes instead.

InfoCurse - You Totally RockYou Totally rock is the app version of a literary pick me up and is trying to change the way that people view their lives and maximise their happiness. The idea behind it is elegant and simple: every day, three times a day, the user will receive a personalised motivational and inspirational message in the form of a quote, Insta-style meme or a longer post that’s focused on positive habits. If at any time of the day you feel as if you’re flagging and are feeling any self pity, doubt or are too focused on self criticism then you can hit the ‘rock it to me’ button for an instant mental boost.

The interface is dead simple, easy to use and comes as a scrolling feed of old messages set against a pale pink background and interspersed with pretty shots from around the world. If any of the messages, quote of pictures particularly move you and you’d like to spread the love then you can share it directly to friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

InfoCurse - You Totally Rock


You Totally Rock is free to download and doesn’t come rammed with in-app purchases or annoying advertorials. For anyone who feels as if they could use a bit of a mental boost throughout their days then You Totally Rock is totally worth giving up a bit of storage space.

So put down that caffeine-filled cup and instead head over to the App Store or Google Play to download You Totally Rock, today!



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