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Improve Smartphone Performance With Go Launcher – How To Make It More Powerful

There are a lot of people who own at least one smartphone. Using these devices, they are surfing the internet, chatting with their friends using social network applications, playing games and more.

In case you own a smartphone that runs on Android OS, then you’re in luck, as there are a lot of applications out there for this mobile operating system. Today, we’re going to tell you about a way to make your phone even smarter using an awesome application called Go Launcher.

Go Launcher is an application which will bring some extra functions to your Android device, using the technology that already exists on your smartphone. Once you install Go Launcher on your Android smartphone, you will get a lot of features and today we’re going to talk about them.

A new look and a Clean interface

Android OS is installed on a lot of devices, but not all of them look the same, because there are a lot of companies which put an extra layer on the top to make it look unique.

However, by using Go Launcher, you will be able to enable and create a unique look to your device. The application allows you to select different settings on how your smartphone will look (the inside of it, of course).

Using Go Launcher, you can change the icons’ size, label colors, fonts, grid sizes and many more, giving a completely new look to your smartphone. In addition, you will be able to install Themes and enable them, but keep in mind that some themes cost money.

However, instead of choosing a theme, you can create your own theme and make the device look entirely unique. The default look of the Go Launcher is awesome, but it needs some extra functionality, but about this we’re going to tell you below.

Making it move fast with transitions

One of the options that you will find in the Go Launcher’s Settings is the “Transitions”. This is the way that you want your phone’s software to move into different sections, such as switching from your WhatsApp application to the home screen or moving to the next screen.

Setting Smart Gestures to launch your favorite applications

“Smart Gestures” is one of the best features that Go Launcher comes with. You can set your phone to open an application when you use a smart gesture. With other words, you will be able to set the phone to open the WhatsApp application when you swipe up using two fingers.

Searching for an application with a Swipe

Using the smart gestures, you can also set your phone to search for an application. Just set your phone to open the search bar when using a gesture. As soon as the search bar opens, you will need to type the application you’re searching for and that’s it.

Keeping kids from messing with your applications and your phone’s settings

In case you are sharing your device with your kid, then you should lock the icons so (s)he will not mess with them. So, instead of wasting time rearranging the icons after sharing the device with your kid, you can simply lock them and your kid will not be able to move the icons anymore. This can be done from Go Launcher’s Settings, where you will be able to lock the App drawer.

Double Tap to Lock and Turn off the screen

In case you own a device that comes with a big screen, then you most likely struggle locking the device as the lock button is beyond the reach of your fingers. Well, don’t worry, because you can set your device to lock and turn off the screen when you double tap on it. For this, you will need to install the Lock Screen application, which can be found on the Google Play Store.

Go Launcher 2

Locking your Private stuff

There are a lot of applications that don’t come with a locker. One of them is the WhatsApp application, which is used by over 800 million active users. At the same time, in the Gallery or Messages you have your private stuff. Well, don’t worry, because you can lock anything that you want from your smartphone using the Go Launcher application.

HINT: In case you forget the lock pattern or the password, you can request to receive it through your email (the one that you’ve specified).

Go Launcher is one of the best applications out there, that not only makes your device look better, but it also brings some new features that you will surely enjoy using. In case you didn’t test it yet, we suggest you to install it right away and tell us your thoughts about it!

Have you used Go Launcher on your Android smartphone yet? Do you find this application useful?

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