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Improve Android Device Battery – Top Tips and Tricks

Smartphones have some pretty powerful specifications nowadays so it’s very uncommon to hear someone complaining about the display resolution, general speed, build quality and performance of these devices. However, there is an issue that is very common and that is the battery life that gets wasted very fast.

However, today we’re going to reveal you some things that you can do on your device in order to improve the battery life. So, in case you have problems with the battery life on your Android device, you should read this article.

Lowering the Display Resolution (root required)

If you happen to own an Android device that features a QHD Display (1440p), then there are high chances that the graphics processor unit is wasting a lot of battery life. This is because it is refreshing the pixels that you can’t even see with the naked eyes.

There are many manufacturers who push the limits just for the sake of it. With other words, by maximizing the pixel density, your device’s battery will get wasted faster. There are high chances that you will not even feel any difference by lowering the display resolution.

In order to change the resolution on your Android device, you will need to install the Terminal Emulator for Android. After that, you will need to open the Terminal Emulator and insert the following commands:

– su
– wm size 1080×1920
– wm density 420
– stop && start.

HINT: After each of this command, you will need tap on the “Enter” button that’s located in the right-bottom side. The first command is granting the application super user access, the second one sets the screen resolution and the third one sets the pixel density. Finally, the fourth command will reboot your Android device and set the new resolution to all applications that you have installed on it.

Disabling data while the screen is off (root is not required)

Aside from the display, one of the biggest battery consumptions is the data connectivity. For example, if you have the Wi-Fi enabled, then the device will constantly scan for a Wi-Fi hotspot. At the same time, if the mobile data is enabled, the device will constantly scan for the nearest cell tower that it can use to connect to the internet.

However, there is an application that’s called LeanDroid and will allow you to disable data while the screen is off.

Improve Android Device Battery - Top Tips and Tricks 2

Sony’s “Stamine Mode” features (root required)

There are a lot of options that you can use to save battery. Keep in mind that this one will require your device to be rooted.

For example, the Xposed module is giving you Sony’s exclusive “Stamina Mode” feature on any Android device. This module will cut a lot of battery draining functions while you’re not using them on your device. This means that you will benefit from extra battery life while not missing anything.

The initial setup might look a bit complicated, but if you are an experienced user, you should be fine.

Using the L-Speed Mod (root required)

There are other potential battery saving modes on Android settings that are hidden deep inside in the kernel and other system files. The L-Speed Mod comes with a nice interface that allows you to adjust some of these options while it will also optimize a few others.

The L-Speed Mod is a flashable ZIP that will automatically optimize several kernet settings on Android devices, but at the same time, it will provide a terminal interface, where you will be able to manually make further tweaks.

Turning off AMOLED pixels (root is not required)

There are more and more Android smartphones that have AMOLED displays, which are different than the LCD screen. On an AMOLED display, each pixel emits its own light so there is not needed a backlight for this panel. At the same time, the AMOLED display is using less power than a LCD screen.

However, you can use this concept even further by intentionally black out extra pixels on your screen to save the battery. There is an application called Pixel OFF Save Battery that will do this for you, so install it right away and test it out.


There are a lot of things that you can do to improve the battery life on your Android devices. It is better to make a compromise in order to keep your device “alive” for more hours. After all, a smartphone is useless if it turns off because its battery is out of juice, right?

Do you usually have issues with the battery life on your Android device? Have you used any of the “tips” we’ve mentioned above to fix the battery issues that you had on your smartphone? Tell us what other tips you’ve used to fix these problems on your Android device!

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