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Huawei P60 Pro Launches – Check Out the Specs and Prices

Huawei aims once again to prove to the world that there is possible to build a powerful flagship that doesn’t necessarily have the Samsung or Apple logo on it. The new Huawei P60 Pro has now been launched globally, and it has plenty of features that make the product qualify as a flagship smartphone of 2023.

You can be passionate about mobile gaming, video editing (yes, it is possible with a powerful phone), or using navigation apps each time you leave the house. But let’s face it: taking photos and recording videos represent the main aspect of smartphones nowadays, and it’s nice to see that Huawei has invested a lot of work and knowledge in the area when it comes to its new Huawei P60 Pro.

Ultra Lightning XMAGE Camera

Once you have a Huawei P60 Pro in your hands, you can become a true photographer. It’s enough to take a quick look at the specs to realize that the claim is no exaggeration. The phone features Ultra Lightning Telephoto Camera, an F2.1 Large Aperture, an Ultra Lightning Main Camera, F1.4-F4.0 Adjustable Physical Aperture, as well as Telephoto Super Macro. Probably the last feature is the most interesting, as who doesn’t want to have a microscope in their hand?

You can’t have great photography and video recording capabilities without a good display, right? The phone features a Durable Kunlun Glass and Quad-Curve display. To be more precise, there’s an LTPO display of 6.67-inch that features an Adaptive Refresh Rate of 1-120Hz.

The IP68-rated water, splash, and dust resistance of the Huawei P60 Pro is also worth mentioning. In fact, no smartphone nowadays should lack such sort of protection.

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor

Huawei has decided to implement the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor built by Qualcomm for its P60 Pro smartphone, although many were expecting to see the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 instead. However, the phone will still pack enough hardware power even so.

Huawei P60 Pro features from 8GB to 12GB of RAM, while as for the storage space, the user can choose either 256GB or the 512GB variant. As for other features, the flagship sports under-display fingerprint, gyro, accelerometer, color spectrum, and more.

88W SuperCharge

The battery of the new Huawei P60 Pro is so powerful that it will be charged half in just about 10 minutes. In other words, you won’t have to keep your phone plugged in too long. The battery reaches 4,815mAh.


If you want the new Huawei P60 Pro in your pocket, you’ll have to invest a bit over $1,000. Surely that’s not a high price considering the powerful features of the phone. At the same time, let’s be honest: it would have been absurd for such a gadget to cost less than $1,000.

Let us know what you think about the new Huawei P60 Pro in a comment below!

Costea Lestoc
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