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How to unlike inactive Facebook pages

Facebook one of the most use social networking media nowadays. One can connect with your friends and relatives in no time. Apart from chatting and browsing one can enjoy various Facebook pages posts. Everyone of has liked hundreds of pages on Facebook. Page categories include fashion, sports, automobiles, entertainment and many more. One like pages on Facebook depends on your hobbies, passion, ambition etc. but there are chances that pages that I liked before are no longer in my interest list or page admins are no longer updating any new information on pages. Also sometimes we want to clean up our Facebook wall. So you all need to know how to unlike inactive Facebook pages that you liked previously. In this article I will guide you about how to unlike inactive Facebook pages to clean up your wall.


Although there are various apps to manage your newsfeed and likes but I suggest you all must go for is useful service to manage liked pages on Facebook by Facebook users. With you can easily unlike Facebook pages in which you are no longer interested. This service can be used by anyone. You just have to open your home page, click on analyze your profile and you will get the list of pages that you have liked. Not only the page list web service will provide you extra details about the page like number of likes on the page, type of page, last date on which page was updated. On the side of every page checkbox is given so that you can unlike inactive Facebook pages in which you are no longer interested.


How to unlike inactive Facebook pages using

unlike inactive facebook pages

Open website. It will ask for your Facebook email id and password. After entering your email id and password manageyourlike service will ask for permission to check your profile details like friend list and personal information. In few seconds it will give you lists of pages and you can easily unlike those Facebook pages that are not active.

unlike inactive facebook pages

Apart from page list it will give your personal recommendation on Facebook pages you may like and unlike. Each time you refresh the page new recommendations will be there.  Also service will provide list of pages that you liked and are most popular in terms of likes.


unlike inactive facebook pages

In your statistics section you there is a pie chart to show category wise pages liked by you. So that you can get a rough ides about your interests in social media and life


Personally I think this is the best app to manage your Facebook account and unlike inactive Facebook pages in which you are no longer interested.

I hope you all will like article on how to unlike inactive Facebook pages to clean up your wall.



Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


  1. Thanks for this tip. I still have a problem though: one way or another facebook seems to like pages for me, that means that I have pages in my “like” list that I know for sure I didn’t click to like, pages I never even heard of before. Funny thing is they don’t show up in Do you know a solution for this?
    Thanks, Eric.

    • first it’s not possible that facebook is liking on your behalf
      second it’s not always that you like page through facebook only sometimes you visit a site and like it’s page but forget about that in future.
      last you will definitely get all pages if not either they are suggested posts by facebook or you try category wise to search that page in manageyourlikes..
      thank you 🙂

  2. Well, I have to get back to you about this. Of course I cannot say that Facebook is doing it but there is something strange happening. I just saw on my profile that yesterday I liked a page called “Best Nail Polish Art”. I’m very positive that I did not visit that page yesterday, besides that I’m a man not at all interested in nail polish, I don’t even care for women with nail polish. Forgot to tell you that unlike a lot of people I only have about 70 liked pages, so it is not so difficult to keep track of them.

    Thanks, E.


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