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How To Successfully Work From Anywhere In The World

Business these days doesn’t seemed to be tied down to the floor. No, it’s not going to suddenly fly away from you like the house in UP, but you’ve got the same level of freedom without needing balloons!

Modern day workplace applications usually have mobile versions and it is crucial that this applies to your business. If your workplace has mobile versions of its applications that are used to complete your work, you’ll have more success working remotely.

Now, three pieces of equipment are extremely important to your mobile business and efforts to work from all over the world.

A mobile phone can access workplace applications like Slack, Basecamp, Quickbooks and Google Drive meaning that even if you don’t have a computer, you can still keep in touch with your central workplace, or clients when you are on the move. A tablet is a widescreen extension of this. Using apps is the best way to work remotely. Skype can ensure that you can stay in face-to-face contact with your employees, manager or clients. Slack can become a virtual office and Google Drive a virtual workspace. All these apps have mobile equivalents, so there’s no real excuse to not using them on your phone and computer.

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You’re still going to need a computer though. A good laptop should last you a long time if you treat it correctly. It can access everything you need while it has a working internet connection and comes equipped with a keyboard for typing communications and work as well as a webcam so that you may videoconference.

A remote PO box that can be operated through the internet is incredibly useful, especially considering the fact that if you’re truly mobile, you might not be locked down to a business address to receive physical correspondence. A locked down post office box can ensure your mail is sent to a central hub before being forwarded to where ever you are, or where you will eventually be. Physical mail is still a very central part to running a business, so do not miss out on it.

If your business employs the use of cloud storage services like Dropbox, not only will you be able to back up files in case of a physical computer failure, but you can also access files remotely. Files can be accessed on almost any device that is authorized from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s imperative that your business has cloud storage capabilities or you might find yourself struggling to connect.

While cloud storage is imperative, working remotely could mean that you spend moments without internet connection. It is crucial that your computer has the space available to save files for offline use. Carry a portable hard-drive to boost your computer’s storage capabilities.


Of course, working from anywhere in the world will require you to stay focused and driven. It’s easy to become sidetracked when not working in a physical workspace or office, so stay focused wherever in the big wide world you are


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