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How to Keep Your House Safe From Burglars

We invest a lot of time and money to make a perfect and comfortable home. Having an intruder in your home can be absolutely devastating and something you would find some people cannot get over. With the kids returning to school and you off to work, it means the house will be abandoned for at least 8-9 hours. That’s a lot of time for someone to break into your house. In the UK most burglaries take place between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. With burglars getting into your home in under a minute. These are some scary stats, but what we’ve done is put together a list of things to keep your house safe from burglars. Hopefully, these will be a deterrent to burglaries and you have peace of mind.

Secure Doors and Windows

This might seem like an obvious one but stats show that around 34% of intruders enter through the front door. Ensure that the frames and hinges on your doors and windows are strong to withstand any force or pressure a burglar might apply to get in. This will surely minimize any vulnerabilities. Also, if you have recently moved into a new home, it’s a good idea to change the locks. Make sure to take your time and check every external door before you leave your home. A lock such as the Yale Keyless Smart Door Lock will surely help secure your doors and keep your house safe from burglars.

Always Make it Look Like Someone is at Home

This can particularly be hard to do during the summer months because of the bright weather. However, if possible do leave a car on the driveway or you can leave a radio or TV on throughout the day. During the winter months make sure to leave a light on so that as soon as it gets dark it looks as though someone is home. Another good idea is to have a doorbell that either chimes or makes a sound when a person is detected. The Ring Video Doorbell is a great option for this due to the fact that you can get an instant notification on your phone and talk to the person that’s outside your home.

Eliminate Potential Threats from the outside area of your home

Believe it or not, most burglars do not walk around with equipment as though they are going to work. They actually tend to utilize what they find outside of your home to get in. Make sure to keep your garden clear of tools, toys, bricks, bins that they can use to climb through windows, and even broken tree limbs. Make sure to also keep your shed and outer building secure. Doing this doesn’t only minimize ways a burglar can use to break in but will also eliminate areas they can hide. Having a security camera such as the Google Nest Wi-Fi Cam to cover your back garden will ensure that any movements are detected and instantly send an alert to your smartphone.

Check for Weaknesses In and Outside of your Home

To beat a burglar you have to think like one. Think about where they would gain access or where would they hide. It’s a good idea to keep hedges and walls at the front of your house low. Keep side gates locked at all times, even if you are in. How about planting some spiky and prickly plants at the rear of your property so burglars find it hard to get over. Think about doing a gravel driveway or path. Burglars hate the fact they make noise if they are approaching your house.

Install an Alarm System

Installing a security alarm system is effective in every way. It can also save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. This is perhaps the number one deterrent to keep your house safe from burglars. No burglar wants to run the risk of setting off the alarm system and alerting the whole neighborhood. Security alarm systems are fairly reasonable nowadays and easy to set up yourself. Consider a few simple solutions such as security cameras, automated lighting, and door locks. The Yale Smart Living Home Alarm system is the ideal starter. You can even expand on the system to suit your needs.

Follow our tips on how to keep your house safe from burglars, so you don’t become a target or victim.



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