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How To Improve Your Business Tenfold With Technology

There are so many ways you can improve your business with technology. There are pieces of technology that can make marketing better, managing your staff better, and more. So, want to know how you can improve your business tenfold using this kind of technology? Read on…

Wearable Technology

Although many consumers are investing in wearable technology, like Apple watches and Fitbits, they can actually be helpful to small businesses too. For example, some businesses have started using the Jawbone Up wearable fitness tracker to monitor sleep, diet, and exercise. While this does have a huge impact on lives outside of a business, it will make you far more productive at work too. It’ll highlight anything you’re doing that isn’t helpful to your business, e.g. eating unhealthy meals and sitting around for too long. It’ll also encourage you to come up with corrective solutions. When you take this approach to your work life, you’ll be much more energetic in the office and likely promote a healthy lifestyle to others too.

Produce Videos

Video production is a great way to promote your business in this day and age. Vlogs and short videos are being utilized by companies all over to gain more exposure and clients. They can give people more information about your company/product in a shorter amount of time, and also be entertaining. You can find the equipment to produce videos places such as The Pi Hut.

Hold Virtual Meetings Instead of Internal

To ensure that your staff are all up to date when it comes to progress on a project or situation, virtual meetings are immensely helpful. This can save so much time by minimizing internal meetings, and allow your staff to access information remotely.

Use Online Project Management Tools

So many business owners are realizing that they don’t need in house employees to be successful. You can have employees from all over the world and be successful. However, it can make team management and project management a little harder. This is why online project management tools are crucial. The right management tool will help you to bypass the different time zones and get everything sorted so much faster.

Move Over To The Cloud

If you haven’t already moved your business over to the cloud, you’re behind. The file sharing capabilities are so much better, and working while you’re out of the office is so much simpler too. It’s rare you’ll find a business where at least some of the employees don’t work remotely from time to time. You may even save money when it comes to equipment costs.


These tips will help you to improve your business tenfold with technology. Start off by using wearable technology to become the best version of yourself, and then introduce the other tools to improve your business. It’ll be one of the best things you ever do! If you have any other tips that could help people improve their business with technology, leave a comment below. Come back for more soon!



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