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How to Get Three Free Months of Spotify Premium

From 15 August 2022 through to 11th September 2022 you can get 3 free months of Spotify Premium. Every new user that hasn’t previously signed up to Spotify Premium gets it for free. Spotify Premium cost $10 per month, so this is obviously a great deal. And if you are still yet to subscribe then trying out the premium version is a way to decide if you want to carry on.

If you have never used Spotify Premium before then you can head on over to and easily claim your 3 months.

How to Get 3 Free Months of Spotify Premium

From August 15th, 2022, and through to 11th September 2022 every new and existing ad-supported Spotify user is eligible to receive the Premium plan for three months for free.

The best thing as well is, if you’ve canceled your premium account before 15th July you can now get three months of unlimited service for a total of £10. That’s some amazing deal.

Why is Spotify Being Generous?

Simply answer is because they can. Spotify is probably one of the best streaming services available. It has twice as many paid subscribers as Apple Music. So this isn’t only about gaining new subscribers, it’s also about just giving back.

 Spotify Premium gives subscribers the best audio streaming experience—ad-free music listening and on-demand audio anytime, anywhere—all at an unprecedented value. On Spotify, listeners get access to more than 80 million tracks and more than 4 million podcast titles, so whether you’re out for a run and listening to your favorite hype-up playlist or binging your favorite astrology podcast on the drive home from the shore, Spotify has you covered with an experience built just for you.

An individual Spotify Premium cost £10 per month so not cheap if you’re watching every penny. Spotify Premium lets users listen to unlimited music and podcast with no ads between songs.

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Cancel Before Charges

The promotion is perfect if you want to get Spotify a try. However, after the 3 months is up you will be charged every month. So if you don’t wish to continue using the service then you can easily cancel anytime before your three months are up.

Get a great promotion and start listening to some music with 3 Free months of Spotify Premium.



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