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How to fix unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped in android

How to fix unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped in android.

How to fix unfortunately launcher has stopped: Android smart phones have unlimited customization options. If you are using a smart phone from Samsung, Htc etc. their UI is different from stock android and you will get unwanted apps from manufacturers. To get rid of these apps and unlock all your smart phone features most of the time users root their android smart phones. For this there are many custom ROMs available from different designers. But while trying different launchers one can face this common error unfortunately launcher has stopped. Below I have given some common solutions.



This is the mail which I have received from my readers:

After installing custom ROM in my phone usually getting this message appears trebuchet has stopped error.

Using CyanogenMod in my Sony Xperia Z1 my phone freezes and home screen goes blank.

Getting this annoying message unfortunately launcher has stopped working. Please tell me how to fix it.

So if you are one of these facing custom ROM error unfortunately launcher has stopped working or unfortunately trebuchet has stopped error then below I have given some of the best methods that you can apply to fix this error code. Just go through each of the fixes below and try them:

How to fix unfortunately trebuchet has stopped error in custom ROMs:

Method 1: Clearing Trebuchet launcher cache files could help you to resolve this issue. To clear cache files and data

  • Go to settings >> apps >> all apps >> in all apps select Trebuchet
  • Force close Trebuchet >> clear data and cache files and restart your phone.

Alternatively you can use any cache cleaner like clean master to clear cache files.


Method 2: this method involves changing Trebuchet settings.

  • Go to Trebuchet settings
  • In Trebuchet settings go to Dock divider deselect and reselect it
  • Again in Trebuchet settings go to home-screen and set home-screen number to 7.
  • Again in Trebuchet settings >> home screen and enable search bar.

Although this method looks quiet typical it’s still helpful to many people. You must try this method to fix custom ROMs issues in your android smart phones and tablets.

Method 3 to resolve unfortunately launcher has stopped:

If above two methods doesn’t work then you can try for another launcher for your smart phone.

You can try launchers like Apex or Nova. Once installed set these launchers as default launchers. Also either delete or rename Trebuchet so that it doesn’t conflict with other installed launchers.

NOTE: trebuchet error is more common in CyanogenMod ROMs. Specially in versions 7 and 9. So instead if you are using these versions just upgrade it to latest versions available.

Hopefully this post will help you to resolve launcher issues specially Trebuchet in custom ROMs. But if you still face any problem or issues feel free to ask in comment box below.





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