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How to Fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error: Solved

Are you having problem with Bluestacks while Downloading Runtime Data? – Your friends told you about this amazing software ‘Bluestack’ which can run android apps on your PC. You got really astonished and determined to give it a try. But unfortunately, it shows “Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data” error while downloading it in your PC… Do not worry!! Here is a detailed procedure to fix it.

Many people are suffering from this error while downloading Bluestacks in their computer. In this error, Bluestacks get stuck on downloading runtime data. I also got this error while installing it in my friend’s computer. So, I decided to do some research over “Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error“. But, at first, let me remind you that Bluestacks is a very heavy software and needs high end system configuration for its proper functioning. It requires at least 2 GB RAM and a good graphic card to run smoothly. If your system does not fulfill it then you can opt for the Bluestacks alternatives. Now, getting back to the topic, you can read further to know the reason and detailed procedure to fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data error.

Fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error
_Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error_

Possible Reasons for Bluestacks Downloading Runtime error:

  1. This error has nothing to do with your system or hardware configuration. The main or most probable reason behind this error is Bluestacks server problem.
  2. Since, its BETA version was for testing the bugs. So, it gets server problem most often in BETA stage.
  3. Slow internet can also be a cause of Bluestacks downloading runtime error.
  4. Sometimes, Bluestacks installer do not get administrator access, so it fails to connect to the server. Therefore, always prefer to run the installer as administrator.

How to Fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error:

fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error solved
_ Fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error – Solutions_

– Solution 1

Stop the current installation: Stop the current data installation process. Go to control Panel and uninstall Bluestacks. You could also use Revo uninstaller to uninstall Bluestacks. Download Revo uninstaller from here. Now, download the fresh copy of Bluestacks again from its official site and reinstall it. This solution would surely help you. But, if this does not work then follow solution 2.

Revo Uninstaller
_Revo Uninstaller_

– Solution 2

Run the installer file as administrator: To fix this issue, prefer running the installer file as administrator. It may be possible that .exe installer file might not getting the administrator access and hence fails to connect to the server. Follow the below steps to change permissions of Bluestacks installer file:depending on your Windows Security settings, you may also need to run the app as adminstrator

  • Right click on the .exe file. Select Properties.
  • Under the Properties menu, select the Security tab.
  • A new Security window will prompt on your screen. Change the permissions of all the users and assign full control to all users including yours too. (If the permissions are already the same then do not change anything).
  • Click on Apply and then OK.
  • Now, again Right click on the .exe file. Click on the ‘run as administrator’ option.
  • The windows will prompt you to run the file as administrator. Click on ‘Yes’.
  • That’s it. The installer file would run as administrator.

I hope this solution would help you. But if it this also does not help you the follow solution 3. This would surely help you. IT is the best solution.

– Solution 3

Download offline installer of Bluestacks: If the above two solutions do not help you then try this solution. This is the best method to fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error. In this method, you need download the full installation file of Bluestacks. This prevents  you from connecting to their servers and hence you do not need to download the runtime data. To download the full offline installer of Bluestacks, visit the below link.

Download Full Offline installer of Bluestacks from this page.

If you have any query related to Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data error, feel free to ask me below via comment box. If you find it helpful, then return us the favor by sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Thank you. 🙂

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