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How to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook: It is no doubt that Whatsapp is the leading chat messenger in the world. It took the young generation by storm when it introduced the first ever chat facility via mobile id. And today, contrary to stiff competition from other chat messengers, Whatsapp is still the most used app in any smartphone. Be it android, blackberry, Windows phone, NOKIA Asha phones, iPhones or any other mainstream smartphones, Whatsapp is a must add-on app. Apart from smartphones, Windows PC and Macbook users used to complain for the non-availability of Whatsapp in their operating system. But, with the evolution of emulators, Whatsapp for Macbook is a reality. Though, there is no official version of Whatsapp for Mac or Macbook but you can Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook via an emulator called Bluestacks. If you don’t know about Bluestacks, then click here to know about it. Now, before going through How to Download & Install Whatsapp for Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini or iMac, make sure you have the below basic configuration of Mac to run Whatsapp.

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Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook - featured image

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Basic Requirement of Mac or Macbook to run Whatsapp:

  • You should have a Macbook with Intel processor from 2006 onwards ((excluding MacBook, Mac Mini and iMac early 2006 with Core Solo and Core Duo).
  • You must have Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks with the latest available updates installed.
  • You need around 2 GB of free space on hard disk and 2 GB of RAM (it would be better if you have 3 GB RAM). In 2 GB RAM, it may not perform accurately.
  • Extra requirements – A Gmail account to register on Bluestacks and a working phone number.

I guess, most of the mac users would have above basic requirements. So, let’s follow the steps to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook.

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Steps to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook:

Follow the below step-by-step tutorial guide to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook.

Step 1: At first, download and install Bluestacks (mac version) from the below link.

Download Bluestacks for MAC from Here

Step 2: After download completes, double click on the file to install it. It is a split-installer, therefore you will need internet to install it. It would take around 30 minutes depending on your speed of internet.

Step 3: After the installation completes, go the applications folder and run

Steps to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook file in Applications folder_

Step 4: Now, depending on the configuration and version of your MAC, the first run will take time. Once it is done, an interface like android would open in  your screen.

Step 5: Now, configure access to the play store with your Gmail account. To do this , go to My apps>>Settings>>Accounts & Sync. (If you do not see these options, find the most appropriate option related to it).

How to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook
_Configure your Gmail account_

Step 6: Once, your Gmail account is linked to Bluestacks, click on the search option at the home screen of Bluestacks.

Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook
_Click on the Search option_

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Step 7: Now, type “Whatsapp” and press enter. Then, Click on Install at the first result.

Steps to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook
_Click on the Install button_

Step 8: Now, choose the appstore to install Whatsapp. Prefer choosing the first one as shown in the below image.

Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac
_Choose Appstore_

Step 9: Now, the download process starts and within some minutes it will finish.

Step 10: Go to home screen of Bluestacks and click on “My Apps” or “My applications” option. Here, you will see the icon of Whatsapp. Click on it to run Whatsapp.

Download & Install Whatsapp for Macbook
_Click on the Whatsapp icon at My Apps_

Step 11: Now, follow the onscreen instructions of Whatsapp i.e entering your phone number, mobile verification by SMS, entering the code, etc.

How to Download & Install Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook
_Phone verification of Whatsapp_

Step 12: Once the verification of Whatsapp completes, you are free to use it. Configure your profile and enjoy Whatsapp in your Mac or Macbook. 😉

That’s it. You’re done. You have successfully Downloaded & Installed Whatsapp for Mac & Macbook.

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#1. You can use Whatsapp in one device at a time. So, if you Whatsapp is connected to another device, it would be disconnected after configuring in you Mac or Macbook.

#2. You can face a problem in Whatsapp verification during the first try. So, do not worry try it again for the second time and it would run fine.

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