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How To Disable The Location Services On An iPad Or iPhone That Runs On iOS 9

Today we’re going to talk about the location services feature that your iPad or iPhone comes with and how to disable it.

As you all know, this service uses a lot of battery and this is not very good if you want to make sure that your device doesn’t “die” until you reach a location where you can recharge it. However, you can partially or totally turn off the location services on your iPad/Phone in order to extend its battery life.

First of all, you should know that the location Service in iOS 9 uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular technology in order to determine your location. Knowing your location is very good, as it helps several applications. For example, mapping applications such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze use this feature to give you accurate directions. At the same time, there are many applications that will use the location services to suggest you a good place nearby where you can drink a cup of coffee or to eat a pizza.

However, there is a downside of having the Location Services always ON. First of all, you will notice that the battery of your device is getting “wasted” very fast. At the same time, you should know that your privacy might be affected if you don’t know what applications are running and making use of your location.

Disabling Location Services On Your iPad Or iPhone

The Location Service feature is now available for on all iOS devices and it is not so difficult to manage it on your iPad or iPhone. In fact, iOS 9 makes it easier to manage the Location Services since it allows you to enable or disable the services and applications to stop accessing your location based on the information stored on your device.

With other words, you will be able to allow some applications to access the location services while preventing other applications from doing this. If you want, you can also totally turn off the location services on your iPad or iPhone.

How to Completely Disable Location Services On Your iPad or iPhone

If you want to completely disable this feature on your iPad or iPhone you will need to go to the device’s Settings->Privacy->Location Services and toggle it off. Keep in mind that once you do this on your iPad or iPhone, the location services will be totally turned off and applications such as Google Maps will be almost useless, as they will not show you exactly where you are located.

How To Disable Location Services For The System Services

You can also disable the location services for only a few applications or services. For example, you can leave only the “Find My iPhone” feature enabled for the location services, allowing you to find your device if you lose it.

To enable or disable the location services for an application/service, go to your device’s Settings->Privacy->Location Services and make sure that the toggle is set to ON (if it’s set to OFF just turn it ON). Once you do this, from the same location you will need to select System Services and here you will be able to toggle ON/OFF services such as “Find My iPhone”, “Cell Network Search” and more.

How To Disable Location Services For Applications On iOS 9

The iOS 9 operating system comes with a new feature that allows you to disable location services for only some of the applications you choose. For example, you will be able to allow Google Maps or Apple Maps to access your location in order to get accurate directions, but at the same time, you’ll deny the access to this service for other applications such as: WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

To do this, head to your device’s Settings->Privacy->Location Services and after that look for the applications that you want to prevent from accessing the location services feature. Once you find an application that should be blocked from this service, you will need to make sure that “Never” option next to it is selected. By doing this, you will not allow that specific application to access your location.

Nowadays, our privacy is invaded by applications and this is done without our knowledge. This is the reason why we should block any application from accessing our location, especially if it really doesn’t need to. We agree that applications such as Google Maps or Apple Maps should be able to access your location, especially if you are using them as GPS, but if you care for your privacy, then the other applications such as social media ones should never be able to do this.

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