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How To Create Invisible Folder In Windows XP/7/8/VISTA

Are you fed up of hiding your personal files and folders? Do your friends or younger brother end up opening your private folders? This problem can be solved easily. I’m gonna help you out of it. Have you ever thought of creating an invisible folder ? cOnfuSed….. Yeah!!!! you can create an invisible folder. Just follow the article – How to create invisible folder Windows XP/7/8/Vista and your problem will be solved. How to increase internet speed I’m gonna share an easy trick with you. This trick is very old but an interesting one. I used to do it in my childhood days. Well, I know most of you are aware of this trick already. But if you are not then you should give a look to this article How to create invisible folder Windows XP/7/8/Vista.

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How to Create Invisible Folder Windows XP/7/8/Vista – Steps :

  • At first, create a New Folder where you want to create an invisible folder. (Shortcut key to make a New Folder – Press Ctrl + Shift + N).
  • Right Click on the New Folder. Then, select Rename option. (If you are using the shortcut key then you need not to do this step).
  • A window like this will appear.

Create Invisible Folder

  • Now, Press and hold the ALT key and type 255. (Make sure that you have Turned On NUMLOCK if you are using your NUMLOCK keys).
  • Press Enter. A Nameless folder will be created.

Create Invisible Folder

  • Now, Right Click on the folder and select Properties option.
  • A new window will appear on your screen. Click on the Customize option.

Create Invisible Folder

  • A window of “Change icon for folder” will appear on your screen.

Create Invisible Folder

  • Scroll the window to the right. Do as in the below screenshot. Search For an Invisible custom folder in the window. Then Press Enter.

Create Invisible Folder

  • You are done now. You have successfully created invisible folder.

Create Invisible Folder

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You can now enjoy with your privacy. You need not worry for your private folders from now as you have created an invisible folder.

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