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How To Check Internet Speed of Tata Photon and MTS

How to check internet speed of Tata Photon and MTS: Are you fed up of your internet speed? You don’t think your internet service provider is providing you the required speed? You can check your internet speed now and claim them. Yes, you heard it right!! you can check your internet speed of Tata Photon and MTS from your home only. At first, you should know some information about internet speed.

The internet speed is measured in Mbps. Mbps means Megabytes per second.There are two types of internet speed. First is download speed and the second one is your upload speed. The download speed is one-eighth of the internet speed plan in Mbps. Though, you can check internet speed of Tata Photon and MTS but it will also work for checking speed of Broadband connections. Do not prefer this process for slower internet connections. Follow the given steps and the result will be in front of you. Process to Check Internet Speed of Tata Photon and MTS through the below process.

How To Check Internet Speed Of Tata Photon and MTS – Steps: 

1. Open the address bar of your web browser and type

How tocheck internet speed


2. Wait for the website to complete the loading process.

How to check internet speed


3. Now, Click on Ping or BEGIN TEST option on the screen of the website.  

How to check internet speed


4. You are done with the process. As soon as you click the option, the website will begin testing  your internet connection speed. The testing is done on your ping result. Wait for the ping result to appear. The faster your ping result appears, the faster is your internet speed. Your download and upload speed will be in front of you.

About is one of the product and services provided by Ookla. Ookla is the leading broadband speed testing company in the world. It works on web-based network applications. It receives around 1 million unique visitors and page views everyday. It has a Google page rank of 7. The most amazing advantage of is it provides free service to the users worldwide. Anyone can check internet speed sitting in their home. It is just not limited to web world. It is also available on the iphone and the android mobile platform. To know more about, visit the link.

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