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How Hard Is It To Become A Computer Manufacturer?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’ll probably remember a recent article we wrote about building a PC. If you didn’t manage to read it, then you can check it out here (after you’ve read this post of course!). Essentially, we spoke about how you can build a PC instead of buying one that’s already made and spec’d out for you.

But, if you can build one PC, then why not build lots of them, and sell them to other people?! You can earn a lot of money doing this, but how hard is it? Today, we want to take a look at how difficult/easy it is to become a proper computer manufacturer. Check out the points below for more info:


Putting All The Parts Together

Possibly the hardest part of manufacturing a computer is finding all the relevant parts and then putting them together. Immediately, this throws up a couple of issues for you. Namely, are you going to make all of these parts from scratch, or will you source them from a supplier and just use them to put your PC together? These days, there are places like that make it possible to buy the raw electronic components needed to create small parts from scratch. So, it is feasible that you can manufacture your own parts. However, this takes a lot of extra time and effort so you might want to save both of those things and find a parts supplier, which throws up another question; how do you find a good supplier? Good suppliers provide you with great products at a competitive price; simple.

Finding Customers

As a computer manufacturer, you’re immediately putting yourself in a very competitive market. As such, finding customers can be a struggle. Your best course of action is to specialize in a specific type of computer. For example, you might manufacture custom-built gaming PC’s that people can modify to their own specifications. In fact, there’s another idea right in there that you can use too. Instead of building lots of generic PC’s, you could make them to-order. Allow people to create their ultimate PC, and then you build it for them.

InfoCurse - motherboard

Cost Per Product

If you build a PC for yourself, then it doesn’t really matter how much it costs to make it. After all, your budget is only limited to what you’re willing to pay. However, becoming a computer manufacturer is completely different. You need to create your products and sell them for a profit. As such, sticking to a budget is crucial as you can’t go overboard or there’ll be no way of making money.

The idea behind building or manufacturing a computer is not that difficult at all. In fact, it’s very easy to create a computer all by yourself if you’re good with technology and can follow instructions. However, becoming a full-blown computer manufacturer that makes and sells computers is a lot harder. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it just means it may be difficult to see success. If you still fancy giving it a go, then consider the three things mentioned here. Figure out how you’ll get your parts, think about where your customers will come from, and ensure your cost per product is low enough to sell it for a profit.


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